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Side Imaging giants, Lake Erie quintuple, No live bait needed

Today’s Top 5

Here’s what a 31″ walleye looks like on Humminbird Side Imaging.

Screenshot from Layne “only catches bigguns” Maier (@laynemaier) puttin’ his Humminbird MEGA Side Imaging to good use on SK’s Last Mountain Lake:

So how can you tell that’s actually a 31″ walleye? ‘Cuz his mom caught it!

> “I was skirting a point and saw [the fish] blown right into it in 10′. We were moving quick so I dropped my cursor back and marked it. …had her jig ready and I doubled back over it…told her to drop when we hit the waypoint and before I even shut the big motor off…her new Fenwick rod (I got her for Mother’s Day) was FOLDED.”

Don’t worry, moms was nice enough to let Layne stick a big ol’ 29-incher too:

> Layne: “I always keep a jig rod handy for moments like these. I knew the wind would have the walleyes pushed into structure so I ran along points and shorelines with my Side-Imaging until I saw a fish stacked up against it.

> “For mine, I immediately Spot-Lock’d the Minn Kota and pitched my jig back to where I figured that walleye was sitting…didn’t get a full reel rotation in before it hit and the fight was on!”

Heard of sharpshooting ‘eyes (vertical on the graph)…this is more like sniping:

You know you’re on ’em when…

Seen plenty of doubles and triples…but how about Lake Erie guide Ross Robertson skipping straight to a dang QUINTUPLE?!

Yo Ross — Looks like you could use an extra set of hands over there…

Only other “quintuple” I can think of that’d be more hectic:

Someone needs to get those parents a set of bean bag chairs — Like Ross Robertson — to relax in after a long day of quintupling:

Of course Ross can’t drive from a bag, so he rocks Smooth Moves suspension seat bases up front instead. Same cushy-soft ride on the bigwater, but no doubt more safe at the helm.

Speakin’ of running multiple planer boards…

Multi-board spreads don’t have to be intimidating. Some great info — including diagrams — in this vid showing tricks Keith Kavajecz uses to keep his Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards in check:

Slobberin’ boss hawgs of the week!

Ol’ big-head here was one of two 29″+ mud lizards David Grosulak (@dg_fishin) popped on a #7 Rapala Rippin’ Rap that day. #SimmsCandy

Chris Richardson (@cwrichie) stuffed this spawned-out 31″ bruiser pulling a Lindy Rig with a leech in 12′ — gotta love pulling tanks outta shallow water!

Matt Eles (@matt_eles) plucked this 29.5″ hawgbelly off a wind-blown rock/sand transition last weekend. Was using a “pink tiger UV” Rapala Jigging Rap and said, “The bait was stacked up and so were the fish!”

Jordan Osborn (@huntfishozzie5) cracked his new PB gravel lizard — 29.75″ long and 9.7 lbs — working an 18-19′ weedline that transitioned to sand/rock on Banks Lake in eastern WA. Said he was trolling bottom-bouncers at 1.2 mph with a 1/0 Berkley Fusion19 Slow-Turn Hook and Gulp! Killer Crawler on the business end. Front of the rig had a few beads with a “motor oil” color 1.5″ Mack’s Smile Blade:

Big congrats dude!

“I love those famous last-cast fish.”

– Andy Breker ( talkin’ about this gnarly European zander, and how that last cast of the day might be the one where we concentrate the harder-est:

But is he talking about the actual last cast, or his 14th “last cast?” Lol.


1. CO: State record ‘GillZilla caught.

By Gregory Wallace. The 2-lb 9.5-oz (12.75″) freakazoid came outta Totten Reservoir. Tough to even imagine a dang bluegill getting THIS big:

Woulda needed a 12″ auger had he been ice fishing lol.

2. TX: New law requires boat drivers attached to kill switches.

Effective Sept. Surprised most states don’t require it, like some do seat-belts. Never want to wear either, until you need ’em….

3. Sea Foam has a new product…

…designed just for marine engines. Called Sea Foam Marine PRO — hope you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some! Cleans and lubricates your motor, helps prevent corrosion caused by ethanol and water, and stabilizes tank fuel up to 2 years!!

If you haven’t already seen it, they’ve got a mega Boat Sweepstakes going on where they’re giving away a Lund 1775 Adventure Sport with a Mercury 90hp ELPT motor — more info here.

4. IA DNR killin’ gizzard shad out of Sugema this fall?

> “Growing gizzard shad populations have reduced game fish populations, decreased water quality and limited fishing activity.”

I know zilch about gizzard shads…would think they’d make fish fat-‘n-happy?

5. MN: Lake of the Woods is kicking ’em out.

Jason Jensen stuck this 29.25-incher fishing near Bridges Island. Hope to find one like it when I head up there this Sunday!

6. MN: MTT’s headin’ to Lake of the Woods, Jul 5 and 6.

Kinda cool that each day is its own tourney and actually have different formats. Day 1: Catch-photo-release dealio. Day 2: Traditional format where the slot limit comes into play. Still plenty of time to register — more info here.

7. Bass Pro and Cabela’s donated 55K rods/reels…

…to help get kiddos outside. #Stout

8. MN: 9th annual “Trolling for the Troops” a success.

> More than 50 volunteer fishing hosts towed their boats from as far away as central MO to share a day on the water with MN veterans and active military personnel.

And they caught some good ones. Thx to all involved!

…to stock walleyes in Lake Osakis.

10. Evinrude has 3 new 3-cylinder outboards.

115 H.O., 140hp and 150hp.

11. Surgically-sharpened octopus hooks are a thing.

Called the Eagle Claw Trokar Long Shank Octopus Hook. Supposed to require 50% less pressure to pop the fish in its snoot:

Now you’ve reeeeally got no excuse for missing ’em….

12. IL: Chicago has a carp derby called “the Big Nasty.”


13. GA: Ex Dolphins WR Kendall Newson teaching kids to fish.

> He focuses on providing underprivileged, disabled and less-fortunate children with the opportunity to enjoy their natural surroundings, and if they can’t get out somewhere to fish, Newson brings the fish to them in a portable fishing pond.

Phantom Lures giveaway!

Here we go! We’re giving away a $150-ish Phantom Lures prize pack to 3 different winners!! Yup, they make killer WALLEYE baits too.

One of ’em being the Phantom Tilly (left): A vertical jigging bait with a reeeeally nice gliding action that covers a ton of real estate. Love the colors, internal rattle, and no-hook front for snaggy areas:

Oh, and that Phantom Banshee (right) is straight up [fire emoji] on leadcore! That season is comin’ in hot.

Takes 10 seconds to enter here. As always, can share the link you get for bonus entries — good luck!


I missed the link for that wild Shiver Minnow vidja in the last TW email — one where Tommy Kemos, Chase and Gary Parsons hosted a bachelor party for some mondo Great Lakes walleyes. Check it out right here.

Tip of the Day

Fan cast jigs for rockpile walleyes.

Jason Mitchell breaks down how he targets early-summer ‘eyes by keying in on transition lines where the shallow rock stops. Says those fish will slide up and down throughout the day, so fan-casting around the boat can catch more than getting too focused on hitting the spot-on-the-spot:

Quote of the Day

“If it looks and smells like a walleye spot, it probably is.”

– That’s Johnnie “catch ’em all” Candle talking about the 43rd annual Devils Lake chamber tourney happenin’ Jun 21-23. There’s a ton of prizes and a whoooole pile o’ walleye waiting for ya. #ChaChing

Husband/wife team Dave and Rendy Randash won it last year after they:

> …found a small underwater rock finger, drove their tiller Lund to the spot, anchored and drifted slip bobbers over and over and over the tip.

Dave said they had also found ’em fishin’ 25-40′ with chubs or bottom bouncers…and even in deep timber with Moonshine Shiver Minnows and Rapala Jigging Raps. So basically can catch ’em anyway you want to this time of year.

Lot more info right here on the family-friendly tourney.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Love me some greeeeen! @jessicadduffy went camping — Manitoba style — so of course it included some shiny, emerald goodness. #Jackpot

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