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Records almost broken, How Roach gets cranky, Braid vs mono on ice

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Couple of almost-records caught.

Ron Ryba’s 13.96-lber from Trail Creek harbor shoreline (Michigan City) was just 5 oz shy of the state record. Was casting a #9 Berkley Flicker Shad about 10′ off the bank when she hit:


Said it took him about 10 minutes to land the 31.75″ slaunch on 8-lb Trilene mono and spinning gear, and that the fish was released back into the creek mouth ‘cuz:

> “I want another shot at her — when she’s bigger….”

Nicely done, dude!

The current IN record is a 14-04 caught in 1974 on the Kankakee River — tied in 1977 on the Tippecanoe River.


Paul Sahs didn’t get a weight on her (before letting it go) but thing had to have been dang close to the 9-lb 5.6-oz record. Caught PERCH fishing from the bank:


Said he “knew right away it wasn’t a perch” and that it actually “fought like a walleye.” Lol no doubt! Was using large fatheads on a VMC SpinShot dropshot hook. Awesome fish, man!

The current record was just caught last Dec by Freddie Ray Prebianca out of North Point Marina. Took a break from duck-hunting divers, and started vertical jigging lake trout — turns out burbot like 1-oz Lunkerhunt Hatch Spins too….

How Tony Roach lipless cranks for hardwater walleyes.

No doubt lipless cranks are a fun way to catch ’em through the ice! It’s learning-curve stuff where tweaking what/where/how you fish ’em can continue to help you put more fish topside.

Feel like I’ve fished my fair share of baits like Rapala Rippin’ Raps and Slab Raps through the ice, but I still soaked up a pile of info from Tony Roach in this suh-wheet Wired2Fish vid. Definitely worth a watch. #Dialed

Ugly ‘Fishmas’ Sweater spotting.

Looks like Brandon Owczarzak found himself a new lucky fishin’ hoodie. BOOM!


Diggin’ it waaaay more better-er than his lucky fishin’ hat:


Btw those Target Walleye Ugly ‘Fishmas’ Sweaters are basically sold out (sorry!), just a couple of “smalls” left. Will keep you posted if/when we get more schtuff in stock.

Brandon’s lucky hoodie may be sold out, but his lucky bait isn’t….

He’s been smacking ’em on the new Salmo Rattlin’ Sting Deep Runner. Slow trolling at 1.1-1.3 mph with leadcore — said Snap Weights would work just fine too — targeting suspended schools 30-40′ down over 50-60′.

Those cold, deep-water bigguns love them a slow-rolling stickbait.

How to make coffee in a wheelhouse WITHOUT a generator.

Lindner Media’s Jeremy Smith is a bit of a coffee snob (lol!) and likes to kick off the morning with a cup of high-octane bean juice — especially after burboting well past his bedtime.

Generator? He don’t need no stinking generator…which is nice when you don’t feel like being “THAT guy” who wakes up the entire shack or neighboring fish-heads:


Well, Jer…now that you’re all jacked up on Mountain Dew coffee, maybe you oughta finally mount a legit paper-towel holder on the wall of your Yetti Fish House…. [smirk emoji] [wink emoji] [am-I-still-invited emoji] [crossed-fingers emoji]

They don’t come much more prettified than this…

…camo’d-up 17″ sauger Luke of Northwoods Angling snatched from a southern MN river. Believe he was using a B-Fish-N Tackle AuthentX Moxi on a 1-oz jig:


1. AB: 59-yr-old Calgary man passed on…

…after falling through the ice in Little Bow Provincial Park.

> The two were fishing together when one went through the ice. When his partner tried to rescue him, he fell through the ice as well.

> A third man fishing nearby threw them a rope and managed to pull one fisherman from the icy water, but they were unable to reach the second man who had fallen in.

RIP fishing brother, prayers to the family. Please be careful out there folks….

2. IN plugged 12K more ‘eyes into the St. Joseph River.

Averaged 7″ long, huge for stocked walters = more expensive but have a much better chance of survival.

Also found it interesting that the write-up said “anglers often grumble they are catching a lot of undersized fish, and very few [16″+] keeper sizes.” But fisheries biologist Larry Koza clapped back with:

> “They’re in there…it’s a common complaint we get on our inland lakes, too. But studies show there are quite a few bigger walleyes in these fisheries…. We find that in our surveys, these fish group by size. The bigger fish tend to use different areas.”

Which to me sounds like a very nice way of saying your spot stinks and you need to quit fishing memories! Lol

3. MN: LOTW fish-fry rules on the ice.

Have heard a zillion conflicting stories, so was cool to finally get a breakdown of the rules on Lake of the Woods. As always, check your own local regs!

4. Story on how the JawJacker came about.

Awesome background info on how Matt Dungan took it from an idea he had as a boy trapping possums in the woods of TN, to an actual product.

I’ve you’ve never heard of a JawJacker, it’s basically a little contraption you put your rod in that automatically sets the hook when you have a bite. Thing is freakin’ slick!

Wish they were legal here in MN. I’ve used ’em a couple times in other states and you just don’t get gut-hooked fish like you might with standard tip-ups.

Imo if you’re into catch-and-release fishing, they just make sense. Maybe one day we can get ’em over here in the ”Land of 10,000 Laws’ too….

Btw I just found out you can now get a motorized base for ’em that does the jigging for you. Pretty cool.

5. IA: Who wants to become a “walleye farmer” with me?!

Apparently walleye have “been identified as one of the top 6 potential species of aquaculture in the US:”

> The firm, white flesh and mildly sweet flavor make walleye a favorite seafood choice in North America and northern Europe.

> Walleye have a retail price range of $6-12 per lb, with high prices of $20 per lb or more to select white-table markets.

6. Lake Erie: 2019 algal bloom was a 7.3…

…on the “severity index” compared to a 3.8 in 2018. Folks are worried they’re in for another doozy next year ‘cuz “wet springs make [blooms] stronger.”

> The unique thing about this particular stuff is it’s buoyant. It floats. When the lake gets very quiet and goes very calm, this stuff just pops right up to the surface. And if you’ve seen some of the pictures, it looks like you may have dropped green carpet on top of the water — it’s that thick.


7. UT vs MN: Burbot wars.

Interesting read on how some folks view burbot in UT compared to MN when it comes to catching ’em, and their possible impact on the fishery. They don’t like ’em in UT….

8. Eskimo Outbreak hub shacks have trip-proof doors.

Slick! Click the pic below for a vid with more info on ’em:

9. CAN: NT biz fined $150K for Fisheries Act violation.

> “…a fuel truck parked on [the] property had released a diesel/water mixture — over a 20-hour period — onto land adjacent to the Hay River. An undetermined amount of the mixture then entered the Hay River….”

10. Al Lindner is on StrayCasts tonight.

StrayCasts is a bass fishing talk show streamed live. Starts at 7pm CST.

11. Last day to enter Sea Foam’s giveaway!

Giving away 6 cases of their new-ish Marine PRO product designed just for marine engines. Stuff cleans and lubricates your motor, helps prevent corrosion caused by ethanol and water, and stabilizes tank fuel up to 2 years. #Dibs

12. Someday Isle Tackle has some custom glow…

…combo kits on sale right now. Budget friendly and made in the USA:

13. Future Fisherman Foundation eBay auctions happenin’ now.

> Proceeds from the annual event support F3 programs like Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs, SuperFish and the Tackle for Educators programs.

List of all auctions here.

Yup, this is real life!

Have a shot at winning this ridonkulous $2,800 Garmin Panoptix LiveScope Ice Fishing Bundle! Drill a single hole and scan for fish/structure up to 200′ away in ANY direction!!

The term “game changer” gets thrown around a lot in the fishing biz, but LiveScope is seriously mind-blowing stuff.

> Live-scanning sonar allows you to see fish swimming in real time! Locate schools of fish, see which way they’re moving, and know exactly where to drill your next hole to stay on ’em.

Just takes 10 seconds to enter and can share the link you get for bonus entries. Good luck!

Tip of the Day

Everyone wants to know what the best all-around line is, but there isn’t one. They’ve all got their time and place. Here’s Ice Team pro Jean-Paul Tessier’s simple rule of thumb:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Ethan Wright (@ewrightfishing) spent Cyber Monday watching Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards drop on Saginaw Bay. Skip the leftover turkey — fish tacos it is! #ArtsyFartsy #WhatTimeIsDinner

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