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Planer boards in cabbage, Shallow snap jigging, Three eyed walleye

Today’s Top 5

Rock melons of the week!

Insta user @lisascherger fooled this Saskatchewan sowbelly with a #8 Rapala Rattlin’ Rap in the “silver blue” color:

Andrew Harmon has been cashing checks on Lake Erie by pulling Bay Rat Lures Short Deep Divers:

Dave cracked this paunchy rock melon while pitching a YUM Money Minnow:

Big baits catch big fish…on purpose and on accident! Nathan Lafleur stuffed this 20-incher with a 10″ [!] Svartzonker McRubber Paddletail in northern MB:

Planer boards in the cabbage weeds?

Walleye-nut Chad Maloy uses Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards to troll live-bait rigs through shallow cabbage and not spook fish. Get all the details in his full write-up here, but there’s a few excerpts below:

> Come late June (and mid-summer) when the weeds become fully grown, the bait’s no longer concentrated in isolated areas. Most is now living in or near the mature weed growth.

> [Cabbage weeds] provide the perfect place for bait and walleyes to get out of the sun and hide.

> Last July my friend Dave and I came across a beautiful patch of cabbage weeds. I told Dave we should try using an Off Shore to run a leech through the weeds.

> The water was crystal-clear and we needed to get the bait away from the boat in order to not spook the fish.

> Let your bait out at the desired depth, then clip the Off Shore Tackle In-line Side Planer Board onto your line, and it will run your bait to the side of the boat. The distance is determined by the amount of line you let out after clipping [the planer board] to your line.
> Our rod was rigged up with a 3/8-oz worm sinker, a small swivel and 4′ of Berkley Trilene 100% Fluoro to a small Northland Gum-Drop Floater + jumbo leech.
> The cabbage was about 10′ under the surface of the water so we let out enough line that once we started to move the sinker would brush the top of the cabbage, allowing the leech to float just above it.

> Every once in a while the sinker would catch a leaf causing the whole rig to stall and then pop loose — ideal for triggering a bite if a fish is following your bait.

A super-sneaky technique that for sure pays off:

Three-eyed walleye caught!

Found this snap floating ’round the internet of a real-life Blinky:

Looks like it was caught in Manitoba’s greenback country, or maybe Springfield, OR:

How to mark and catch walleyes on the Rapala Jigging Rap.

Efficiency, noun [ih-fish-uh n-see]:
1. The ability to produce something with a minimum amount of effort.
2. Guide Toby Kvalevog wreaking havoc on Leech Lake walleyes with a Rapala Jigging Rap.See the definition in action right here:

Would your wife let you have a fridge like this?

That Frabill-tasticly decked-out bait fridge is fishing guide Eric Brandriet’s – whose wife must have a shoe closet like this one:


1. OH: Cappelli/Williams win NTC.

That’s the National Team Championship on Lake Erie. Sam Cappelli and Erick Williams racked up 107-lbs 3-oz over the 3-day derby to take home over $165K in cash/prizes!

> Their winning pattern was trolling deep-diving crankbaits at 1.6-1.8 mph to tempt walleyes hugging bottom in 37-45′. Three-ounce snapweights 125′ behind their planer boards helped get their baits into the strike zone.

Won by a 10-lb margin, despite some crazy on-the-water shenanigans. Get this:

> “We were reeling in a 7-lber, but a guy on a charter boat saw the fish at the surface, cast to it, and the fish eventually came off.”

Unreal. Live it up, guys!

2. WI: NWT Prairie du Chien.

The bite is tough, but sticks like Mark Courts (1st) and John Hoyer (2nd) were able to put together 20-lb bags on day 1.

> We’re using a lot of bass-style crankbaits because they have such an aggressive dive – they get down there so fast. The new Berkley Dredger and Digger have been working great. We also caught some fish on live bait when the bite was slower.

Nicely done fellas! Catch the final weigh-in live right here, right now.

3. MN: ONE Mille Lacs resorts gets $150K from state….

…thanks to rather-specific language tucked into an economic development law:

> “…small resort businesses located in the city of Isle with less than $350,000 in annual revenue, at least four rental units, which are open during both summer and winter months, and whose business was adversely impacted by a decline in walleye fishing on Lake Mille Lacs.”

So…ugh…what about the rest of the business hurtin’ heavy?

4. Boating fatalities up in ’16…

…guess why:

> In 2016, there were 5.9 deaths for every 100,000 registered recreational boats, a jump of 11.3% from the previous year. …alcohol was the leading known contributing factor in fatal boating accidents. Other factors included operator inattention, operator inexperience, improper lookout, excessive speed and machinery failure.

> Most boating-related deaths were caused by drowning (80%), and in 83% of those instances, the victim was not wearing a life jacket….

We know you guys are smarter than the first bullet, but please wear a PFD while running. There’s no excuse nowadays with hardly-tell-it’s-on life jackets like the Onyx inflatables.

5. Great Lakes water levels highest in 20 years.

All that rain. Ontario is up 3′ right now, and that lake is normally is about 193 miles long by 53 miles wide!

6. WI: Should license fees be raised?

Hasn’t gone up in 10+ years, unlike everything else in the world.

7. MN: Lake of the Woods bite hot.

Catching ’em a bunch of different ways, but heard the crankbait bite was starting.

8. Pure Fishing has new CEO.

Pure Fishing = brands like Berkley, Stren, Fenwick, etc.


Missed the link for the lightning-scare video in the last email – sorry! You can check the video by clicking right here or on the thumbnail below:

Headline of the Day

Why it’s better to donate a boat now than in December.

So you can play with Lund’s Boat Builder tool and make-ya-one to use the rest of summer? Lol.

Tip of the Day

One of Al’s favorite ways to catch ’em, and a great way to get bigger bites:

> Fact is, most walleye anglers start at the edge of the weed bed and work their way out to open water with live bait. Promise me you’ll do just the opposite on your next trip — instead put on a soft plastic minnow-mimicking lure and fish right in the weeds.
> In a perfect situation, I’m talking about scattered weeds in less than 12′ and typically I’m fishing in just 4-8′. You’re not doing a lot of casting — you’re allowing the bow-mount trolling motor to move you along — but you are snapping or ripping a lure through the weeds much like you would to catch bass.
> You’re depending on walleyes to visually see your soft-plastic lure darting through the weeds and react. That’s why braided line is important — it gets you through the weeds much easier. I’m using spinning tackle with 10-lb braided line and a 30″ fluorocarbon leader.

> My lure of choice is a 1/4-oz jig with a soft-plastic paddletail or split-tail minnow, and I’m snap-jigging the lure with fast erratic movements of the rod.

Al likes using 1/4-oz VMC Neon Moon Eye Jigs because they’ve got a wire-keeper barb on it that’ll keep your soft-plastics from tearing loose every time you rip it through the weeds.

Quote of the Day

If you were spotting and stalking whitetails, and glassed every inch of a field or valley without seeing anything, would you still sneak out there on your hands and knees just because it looks so good?

Scott Glorvigan talking about trusting your electronics and not fishing memories (spots you’ve done well on in the past) if you go through ’em without graphing any fish.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Travis Frank with a Storm 360GT-induced slaunch:

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