20 Father’s Day gift ideas for fishermen

Father’s Day is coming up! What do you get the fisherman that’s already got it all? Here’s 20 top gift ideas — with something for every budget — he’s sure to love…we do!


1. Moonshine Shiver Minnows – ($6.99)

Super fun bait to fish. Darts and glides like other jigging baits, but what makes it different is how it rolls over on the drop — like baitfish do — with a bit of slack.

2. Okuma Helios SX Spinning Reels – ($129.99)

This one’s built to last. A super smooth, sharp-looking reel that straight-up feels good in the hand. Careful…buy one and he’ll want to upgrade all of his old reels lol.

3. Northland Tackle Pro Walleye Crawler Harnesses – ($3.49)

The crawler bite is just heating up and only going to get better. These harnesses have an optically brightened UV blade and SuperGlo beads, making them a killer dark-water option. Also sports a speed clevis for quick blade changes. #Money

4. Rapala Touch Screen Digital Scale – ($49.99)

No more exaggerating fish catches lol. Our favorite part about this scale is it lets you store the weights and add up your total bag. Makes culling way easier for the tourney guys.

5. Bay Rat Lures Long Extra Deep Diver – ($8.99)

Finally a crankbait you can troll as deep as 27′ without the use of snap weights or leadcore lines! Maintains a wide, erratic action at super-slow speeds, yet can be burned at 2.5 mph without blowing out. FishUSA has it in 71 different patterns (!) including 21 custom colors.

6. Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Diving Weights – ($7.29)

Simply put: lets you troll your crankbaits deeper…like up to 50′ deeper if need be. Easy to use, inexpensive and underutilized. Check ’em out.

7. Lunkerhunt 4.5″ Bento Bait – ($7.59)

Not brand new this year but still flying under the radar of a lot of walleye guys. Crazy realistic looking and surprisingly durable — they aren’t going to slip down the shank like other plastics. Also got a paddle-tail version called the the Swim Bento.

8. DuraSafe E-LOCKS – (From $29.95)

Locks that replace the factory knobs on electronics, so you know they’ll still be there if you’re stopping to gas up, or grabbing a bite to eat and can’t snag that window seat. Slick idea!!

9. Rapala Shadow Rap Shads – ($8.99)

The Shadow Rap Shad will kick nearly 180 degrees right then left — with very little forward travel — keeping it in the strike zone a good long time. It’s also weighted to slowly rise on the pause, JUST LIKE a dying baitfish. Walleyes crush ’em.

10. Lund Retro Neon Sign – ($150.00)

Perfect for the garage, cabin, anywhere, everywhere. His buddies will for sure all be jealous.

11. Rapala Shad Dancer – ($7.49)

Multi-species balsa bait that brings the Rapala Tail Dancer action to a shad profile. It’s silent, aggressive, hard-thumping sweeping tail action is great whether cast or trolled.

12. Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards – ($35.99)

Off Shores are durable, easy to use and super consistent. They get your crankbaits out away from the boat, cover more water and tell you when you have a bite.

13. Drotto Boat Latch from Boat2Trailer – ($229.00)

Makes loading/unloading the boat a breeze! Every rig should come with one — especially those with roller trailers. No more walking in the water…or hanging upside down trying to reach the latch…or dang near breaking your hand when the handle gets away from you. #NeedWantMustHave

14. Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Walleye Deep Divers – ($7.99)

Specially designed for trolling and need ZERO TUNING out of the box. Vibrant/holographic colors, oversized 3D eyes, raised molded gill plates, and super durable…yes please.

15. Rapala Deluxe Cordless Fillet Knife – ($104.99)

No cords to get in the way — makes filleting quick and easy. #FishTacos

16. Onyx A/M-24 Inflatable Life Jacket – ($149.99)

Get him a life jacket he’ll actually wear! Instead of just stuffing in the bottom of the boat. Seriously, lifejackets are useless unless they’re being worn — and this is one he’ll forget he even has on.

17. Bagley Rumble B – ($7.99)

Ever heard of painting a crankbait from the inside out? The inside of the Bagley Rumble B is sprayed with a chrome paint — when they open it up to put the rattles in — which gives it a glow-like iridescence. It’s also got a concave lip that rolls the bait on the troll. Digging that “gold perch” color for clear water.

18. Jason Mitchell Elite Series Rods – ($139.99)

Brand new this season. Jason Mitchell says they feel/fish like a $300 rod, without the price tag. #Jackpot Can’t wait to try ’em out – heard nothing but good things.

19. Smooth Moves Ultra Suspension Seat Base – ($585.00)

If he fishes on big water, or has neck/back pain (like most of us), he’ll LOVE this suspension seat base. It takes the bumpin’ and crashin’ out of rough water. Pays for itself after missing a few chiropractor visits….

20. Target Walleye gear – ($15.00 to $40.00)

Can’t go wrong here if he enjoys reading our TW emails. Plus wearing any of the gear in fish pics will drastically increase his chances of being featured in an upcoming email 😉

Hope you all have a blessed Father’s Day weekend with loved ones! Catch ’em good if you’re able to sneak out fishing!


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