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Ladies crush lakers, Chromed out auger, Bro bluegill gems

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Ladies crush Lakers of the Woods.

Lake of the Woods has a little (big) something for everyone. We kicked off our trip to Vic & Dot’s Camp chasing lake trout in Whitefish Bay with our friends Chanda and Eric Gebhardt. The ladies out-fished us — badly — and weren’t shy about letting us know it (lol). Probably a 10:1 ratio, but you know what…

Throwing “metal” faaaar out-fished plastics. That Clam Leech Flutter Spoon — in “red gold” or “perch” — on lake trout must be the equivalent to dangling a Reese’s in front of my face. #Dibs

Robert (camp owner) will literally sacrifice his THUMB to land your fish:

New Vlog from our trip is below — part 2 where we portage for BIG crappies and jumbo perch is coming soon. Let me know what you think:

Gonna have to get back up there for some ice-out lakers this spring in the Lund!

How Joel Nelson targets late-ice crappies.

Been a goofy season weather-wise and downright tough to tell if we should be fishing mid-winter or late-ice patterns. Here’s what Joel Nelson considers true late-ice:

> True late-ice conditions to me mean a pattern of melt during the day, with below-freezing temps at night, over a few weeks. As ice separates from shore, some of the best angling is still to be had…provided you can find a [safe] way onto the ice sheet.

> Late ice is great for a few reasons: movement of water washes in nutrients, while increased sun angle and light penetration breathes life to the shallows.

> I’m looking in less than 15′ around the best standing cabbage/coontail weed growth in the lake. One of the best big-crappie patterns I’ve been on is a sight-fishing gig that happens over these expansive weed flats.

> Start with a clear lake that holds quality crappies. Focus on the closest flat to traditional mid-winter holes. Drill across the flat in as shallow as 5′, down to 15′.

> VMC Tungsten Flies and Tungsten Tubby Jigs tipped with a Trigger X Wingding, Nymph, or Wax Tail are what I use for this bite — especially in the largest sizes — as they are “buggy” yet offer plenty of lifelike action.

> Don’t lean over the hole…stand back and let your line drape across the front of the hole and down. Position yourself on a chair or focus on being as still as possible — any quick movement can spook the fish.

When Joel’s in stealth mode, he’ll sometimes take his ice cleats off so the fish don’t hear him crunchin’, do his best not to yell at Brad Hawthorne for diggin’ through his tackle box, and has a cat-like way of becoming one with his surroundings. #Stealth

Chromed-out Lazer bits are a thing?!

Ever seen a chromed-out StrikeMaster Lazer bit? My buddy Eric’s had a couple for 12-ish years that still have ZERO nicks/dings/rust. Plus you look like a baller lol:

No idea where to get a chromed-out bit from, so don’t ask (lol). A handful of shops do chrome plating of anything metal, but pretty sure Eric’s came with his ice rig:

Okay not really…. His actual ice rig is way more ice-friendly:


How ’bout this whiskey barrel shack!

Hopefully there’s room for a cot in there or he’s got a DD on speed dial:

Top 30 ice-fishing pet peeves!

Gotta bring this one back after seeing a bunch of grumblings on social media. We polled Target Walleye/Ice fans to find out their biggest ice-fishing pet peeves and compiled ’em into one big-nasty list. How many are you doing??

Check the full list by clicking here, but here’s a few of our favorites:

  • Garbage left on the ice. If you bring it out, bring it back with you!
  • Losing a fish after it gets wrapped up in the transducer.
  • Snowmobiles are the jet skis of ice fishing.
  • Sunflower seeds in my hole.
  • When people set up right on top of you, even though there’s a whole lake.
  • People complaining about you being set up too close (^ lol).
  • Snake northerns. ‘Nuff said.
  • Trying to re-tie with frozen fingers.
  • People drilling holes during prime time.
  • Women hanging all over me once they find out I’m an ice fisherman….

Make sure you leave a comment on the full list at if you think something’s missing or people are overreacting….


1. MB: Sweet looking spot + big fish.

Called Trail End Camp & Outfitters. Can’t believe it’s just a 2-hour drive from Winnipeg, yet you won’t see another boat fishing the 40 miles of river. Was nothing in the background (boats or houses) of the video besides fish lol:

Even Jeremy Santos (right ^) can catch bigguns there…. Lol had to man.

2. MN: Mille Lacs is *drum roll*…

…catch-and-release only this season. The good news:

> The lake’s spawning walleye population has improved from last year, so no mid-season closures are planned.

Just need to stop at the local grocery store on your way home….

3. MN: Rainy River is starting to open up!

Already opening up just a couple miles east of the Birchdale landing. For sure one of those spring walleye runs you NEED on your fishing bucket list.

Another cool thing: lot of times you can ice fish AND get in the boat on the same weekend. Why? ‘Cuz there’s still THIS much ice on the main lake.

4. MWC should hit the spawn right…

…for the first derby of the year on the Illinois River.

5. Blackfish Gear is here.

New performance fishing gear that just dropped this month (we brought you a sneak peek back in Feb).

MN guide Mark Schutz got his hands on some early — here he’s rocking the Blackfish Gale Softshell Pullover with a mega Mississippi River walter caught slinging a 1/4-oz jig on 6-lb line:

Diggin’ the ol’ zippered kangaroo pocket and collar. Usually I’ve gotta take matters into my own hands:

6. MN: Brainerd fishin’ folks…

DNR wants your comments on lake regs/management by Mar 30 if you feel strongly about any of the 9 lakes on the list.

7. Favorite White Bird rods back in stock.

They come…and they go…FAST. That 6′ 8″ ML is a great all-around rod for just $49. Crazy how today’s budget fishing rods are as good (or better) than some top-of-the-line stuff just a few years back:

8. ND: Some fishing reg changing.

Reminder: Also need new new fishing license by Apr 1.

9. SD: GFP stocking rainbow trout…

…below the Oahe dam Mar 27.

10. ME: Outdoors-woman workshop, May 20.

11. Big Rock announces conservation fund.

> Non-profit foundation will support the fight to protect the outdoors and the outdoor sporting goods industry, while encouraging participation in outdoor sporting activities.

Have a shot at winning 2 new Okuma rod + reel packages worth $350-ish! Jigging- and trolling-specific setups that are a great add to any walleye nut’s arsenal. Rod/reel deets below.

Same deal: Enter your email addy, then share the link to earn more points toward a win. Good luck!!

1. Okuma jigging setup.

Deadeye Jigging Rod — 6’6″ ML fast taper (DE-S-661-MLFT):

> These technique-specific walleye rods feature the finest IM-8 graphite blank material and split cork grips for handling.

Inspira spinning reel — 30-size blue (ISX-30B):

> Torsion control armor design and constructed of C-40X carbon make the reels extremely rigid and lightweight, also reduce twist and torque keeping all internal parts perfectly aligned.

2. Okuma open-water trolling/planer board setup.

Deadeye Trolling Rod — 7’10” M telescopic (DE-C-7101M-T):

> Great economical trolling rods packed full of features. Tubular glass blanks provide ultimate durability and the best actions in these trolling rods.

Coldwater low-profile line-counter (CW-354D):

> Marries all the benefits of our low-profile platform (ergonomics, full aluminum frame, 24-lbs of drag, thumb bar spool release) to a precision line-counter.

Headline of the Day

Tip of the Day

This 13-min vid is JAMMED full of some awesome bluegill info from Nick Lindner (AnglingBuzz) and Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, including:

  • Why you should use a 6″ bit
  • Don’t over jig (less spin)
  • Cover the entire hook shank
  • Hang your Aqua-Vu underwater camera vertical vs horizontal

Here you go:

Meme of the Day

Can never have enough:

But gotta say, I know plenty of ladies with a bigger collection of whoopin’ sticks than shoe candy.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Aaron Schiller with a 2-lb 2.25-oz (15″ x 12.25″) chunk of Devils Lake gold caught on a green glow tungsten + full minnow. Sick fish [!] and shot. #HubShackLife

Would look good “floating” in Woodland Resorts bait shop.

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