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Five things that will get you even more jacked to ice fish!

Merry Christmas everyone! Only one Target Walleye/Ice this week ‘cuz we’re up chasing the BIGS in Manitoba. It’s a special ice-fishing edition that’s jammed full of some of our favorite shots, tips and fish from last year. Thank you for reading!

We hope you and your families have a blessed Christmas — nothing better than spending time with loved ones, but….

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Today’s Top 5

Some of our favorite ice behemoths from last season.

Look at THIS broad-backed Manitoba greenie that munched a “glow tiger shrimp” Northland Rippin’ Shad. #Dibs

Jumbo-perch magician Andy Fiolka iced this ridiculous silt sucker outta a secret Idaho lake that rhymes with “Bask-Maid”…. Caught her working the always-fishy Rapala Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap:

Most lakes with jumbos that big are stuffed full of freshwater shrimp, but “Bask-Maid” has a different menu:

One BIG reason why people make the trip to Lake of the Woods: The incredible gold-mining opportunities. This 30-incher fell for John Strong’s dead-stick rod — should always have one out if you’re posted up:

Ever seen a MN slab this big?! Ryan Owen caught this 17-incher [!] on a “blue glow” Custom Jigs & Spins Demon Jigging Spoon. Fish of a lifetime! Looks like my man Jason Mitchell was there in spirit lol:

Nick Lindner popped this hen-zilla on a “metallic rainbow” VMC Tungsten Fly Jig tipped with a Trigger X Mustache Worm. Knew those were your favorite plastics:

Ice-fishing tips to try this weekend.

1. Two new ways to rig your panfish plastics.

Ice fishing with plastics is a relatively new thing, so most of us haven’t played with different rigging techniques much. Here’s 2 ways that Dave Genz rigs his pannie plastics to give fish something they haven’t seen before:

Dave was using a Clam Drop-Kick Jig rigged with Maki Jamei and Polli plastics. We were there that day and watched him put ’em to use. There’s a reason they call him “The Godfather of Ice Fishing.”

Cool trick from hardwater-junkie Adam Walton, who uses a cordless drill to spool up his Beaver Dam tip-ups. Sure beats the old-school way…that give you carpal tunnel:

Also: Make sure you’re not setting your tip-ups too deep…. Adam says the only reason you need more than 3′ of line on your tip-up is for when that big gator takes off screamin’.

Probably. Overworking ’em can turn the fish right off. Here’s some awesome info on how In-Depth Outdoors host James Holst likes to work baits like the Rapala Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap and the Slab Rap. #LiftTwitchTwitch

Controversial quote of the day.

“Catching big fish from a private lake is like shooting a high-fenced deer.”

– That’s He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named venting ’bout how anyone can catch (or shoot) a biggun once they’re in there, it’s the whole getting access thing that’s the tough part. What say you?

The same guy that’s hardly blinking at 10.5″ bluegills probably passed up this buck the night before — on the same property:

Of course you still gotta make ’em bite…but we’re all up for that challenge:

How dads babysit…on ice.

Now that’s fishin’ man! But you better let the little buggers outta their kennel before momma finds out lol:

That’s an Aqua-Vu Multi-Vu HD makin’ those real-life video games. Plugs right into any TV with an HDMI port. Nothing beats watching ’em come in and hit the bait.

Last-minute gifts ideas for walleye/ice anglers.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or another ice-head, this should help for some last-minute gift ideas. Anything from would be great, but here’s some stuff they absolutely “need” (lol) — from our Special Early-Ice Baits and Gear Issue!

Click here to check it all out, but also don’t forget about the Target Walleye/Ice gear!

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Heads Up!

If you’re heading to the lake: Take your time and be safe out there! Early-ice can be unpredictable:

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