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Fairy wand challenge, Line spooling hacks, Zander envy

Everybody welcome Otter, Lindy and Freedom Tackle to Target Walleye/Ice! Also give a warm fish-head welcome back to Aqua-Vu, Garmin, Catch Cover, Eskimo/Ion and Clam!!

Just wanna say a big THANK YOU to everyone readin’ these-here emails. None of this craziness would be possible without you and the companies that support Target Walleye/Ice. Hope you have as much fun reading ’em as we do putting ’em together.

Today’s Top 4

1v1 fishing challenge: Smallmouth on ice rods!

Had a couple hours to kill, so Nick Lindner and I had ourselves a little fish-off on a secret MN lake that rhymes with “Chill Lax.” The catch? We had to use “fairy wands” aka ice-fishing rods…. Great way to scratch that first-ice itch:

Leave a comment here on what sorta fishin’ challenge you’d like to see next.

Line-spooling hacks.

Speaking of ice rods…. Believe it or not, we’re just weeks away from first ice — time to get those “fairy wands” spooled up and ready to rip. One challenge of using smaller ice spools is they cause more line twist or coiling — ain’t nobody got time for that!

Did you know that spooling in a bowl of warm water can [seriously!] help keep line WAY more manageable? No joke. That and a few other bonus tips in this vid:

Side note: FishUSA just got those ^^^ Okuma Ceymar C-10s back in stock, and they usually don’t last long. Absolutely LOVE them on ice — especially for less than $45! Anyone ever tried the bigger sizes for open-water? Let me know.

Troy Lindner’s gettin’ his zander on.

Think of zander as the muscle-bound, European cousin of walleye. Honestly still can’t get enough of ’em because 1) they’re neat to look at, 2) it’s fun to imagine walleye growing THAT big, and 3) I want to catch one or seven someday.

In the meantime I’ll have to live vicariously through Troy Lindner (#fish-envy) who’s currently fishing his way ‘cross the Netherlands, getting his zander on:

Here’s another “average” one he caught yesterday yo-yoing a Rapala Rippin’ Rap:

Also got himself a big-ol’ European perch [!] throwing a 1/4-oz VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig with a swimbait on Sufix 6-lb flouro, which apparently is a universal fish killer:

Freakin’ ridiculous! Don’t know the details, but Troy said they’re putting together a group trip next fall and to message him if interested. #YouHaveMyAttention

A fisherman’s favorite kind of 2-for-1s.

This happy hour was courtesy of a Berkley Flicker Shad:

See it with bass all the time, but first I’ve seen photographic evidence with walleyes.

Two isn’t always better than one — would probably cut the line if this hit the boat deck:


1. Wilson/Lakich win MWC team of the year.

Congrats guys! And bonus points for the Jason Rylander photobomb:

2. ND/MN/WI: 2019 AIM schedule dropped.

Diggin’ it.

3. MB: Maybe win $1,000 for catching a walleye.

> Submit an action photo with your qualifying Master Angler walleye that showcases the species and demonstrates the “wow” factor of fishing in Manitoba. Every qualifying entry has a chance to win a Cabela’s gift card valued at $1,000.

More info on how to enter here. #roadtrip.

4. Better look at the new Otter X-Over series.

Click the pic for a vid. Converts from front to side doors right quick #MeGusta

Ice Force pro Steve Thompson said they also changed the way the crossbars are put together. No more screws — been replaced with an “EZ Lock Assembly” that reduces frame assembly time by 75%.

5. More Minnesotans are fishing in NoDak.

> Nonresident fishing license sales in ND have nearly quadrupled since 1995-96, with 40% of the crush coming from its neighbor to the east.

6. Where’s our hard-house people at?

Coming to a lake near you…soon-ish:

Know a lot of you kick back in the permie while diving into each TW email…so we’re gonna try to bring you s’more hard-house specific tweaks/hacks/fishing tips. As always: any special requests, send ’em in!

7. MN: More Otter Tail County lakes…

…being stuffed with walleyes.

8. Eskimo drops Pistol Bit.

Crazy light: the 6″ weighs 3.2 lbs — 8″ weighs 3.9 lbs. Pairs with a 1/2″, high-torque cordless drill. #RunAndGun

9. Pure Fishing brands about to be sold off.

Will be interesting to see where they go. Been quite a bit of turmoil in the tackle biz lately.

10. Why it’s important to run an underwater camera.

‘Cuz without an Aqua-Vu you might be wasting $18-per-doz redtails on bass lol:

Or worse yet: Suckers. Get outta there Bro!

11. MN: Whitefish and tullibee netting is a thing?

Guess only 700 peeps participate a year…must all be tip-up pike fishermen? Lol.

12. All BaitCloud 20-40% off until Oct 8.

We have a closer look at their new InSerts comin’ at ya soon-ish….

13. ‘Rude G2 outboard data now on Lowrance units.

Headline of the Day

Technology puts bottom of Devils Lake into focus.

Bruce “Doc” Samson is nasty-good with his ‘lectronics. Setting him (and his army of graphs) loose on the flooded Devils Lake, ND makes for a lotta graphin’ candy for the rest of us:

> Side-Imaging screenshot of a swimming pool and a rock wall, likely constructed as protection against a rising Devils Lake.

Tip of the Day

Tony Roach loves pitchin’ Northland Fire-Ball Jigs in the fall and says he always starts shallow first. Why? ‘Cuz the only reason fish are up there is to feed. Here’s a quick breakdown of how/where he does it:

Meme of the Day

Take my eyes, but not the Jigging Raps:

Pre-meme photo credit goes to my man Matt Addington — thx dude!

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

IG user @regglacou with a 28.5″ golden rock melon that ate a bottom-bounced ‘crawler twirling on a Lindy Lil’ Guy:

Those Lindy Lil’ Guys have a crankbait-like wobbling action to get reaction bites, yet float and can be fished as slow as you want. Super unique:

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