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Top 30 Fishing Superstitions 🍌🙅‍♂️🤞

Superstition [sü-pər-ˈsti-shən] noun: A widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief.

What’s your biggest fishing superstition? 🤔 Good or bad, something you HAVE to do or something that’s NOT allowed on your boat…. We asked folks to drop a comment on our Facebook or Instagram pages with their biggest fishing superstitions – here’s what we got:

1.  The first cast curse! It’s bad luck to catch a fish on your first cast of the day. First cast at a new spot? Sure! But definitely not on the first of the day or it’s all downhill from there.

2.  Absolutely NO bananas on the boat.

3.  Don’t fill the livewell until you catch one.

4.  No hand sanitizer, bug spray or sunscreen applied on the boat. The oils get on everything, including bait.

5.  Always dip the net when I start the day.

6.  The last numbers on all the line-counters need to be the same.

7.  No snacks or drinks before the first walleye is in the box.

8.  Never harvest fish while pre-fishing for a tournament. Never

9.  Having the net ready prior to the first cast – tuck that thing away.

10.  Kiss the fish before I throw ’em back.

11.  Spit on the first minnow.

12.  No loud stomping or music.

13.  Predicting the day before launching! Don’t jinx it – stay humble.

14.  Not biting? Set the rod down and have something to eat or take a leak…and sure as you just start, your lure will get smashed.

15.  Pour a little beer in the water…ice fishing, one must first bless the holes.

16.  Don’t put gas in your boat the day you’re going fishing…everything will have a hint of gas smell.

17.  When the crawler harness spins counter-clockwise.

18.  Dot’s Pretzels. Start snackin’ on those suckers when you’re not marking anything on the ice, and suddenly your rod will run down the hole.

19.  Always got to have PayDay candy bars on the boat.

20.  Don’t keep the first fish no matter the size, unless it’s a tournament.

21.  Truly believing someone actually gave you a tip on a hotspot.

22.  If the cows are eating, the fish are too.

23.  No beer until there’s a fish in the boat.

24.  Fish love ’80s pop music, just saying….

25.  I don’t like pocket change/coins in the boat.

26.  Can’t end an open-water or ice season with a pike…has to be a walleye.

27.  I won’t fish the same spot twice in the same day.

28.  When trolling crankbaits, NEVER have the line-counter end on a 0 or 5.

29.  Always place the net and pliers in the same spot.

30.  No one’s allowed to wear skinny jeans in my boat.

Drop a comment below if you think something’s missing or people are overreacting!

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