Brett McComas

This place is a walleye factory! (BONUS channel cats)

Was finally able to find a few hours to put together a Vlog of our late-fall trip to Bloodvein River Lodge in Manitoba (east side of Lake Winnipeg). A brand-new dirt road was put in a couple years ago which is cool because before that you could only get to it by plane, boat or trucking across a frozen Lake Winnipeg.

I gave my Favorite Jack Hammer rod/reel combo a workout while pitching around jigs + salties and 1/4-oz VMC Neon Moon Eye Jigs with a “fire ice white” B-Fish-N Tackle Moxi. BTW — Don’t know exactly how that rod got it’s name, but it weighs just 4 oz so when they’re on it, it feels like a freakin’ jack hammer hit the bait lol.

Heads up: First 3 minutes of the vid includes some bonus catfish footage (fish up to 35″!) from a few hours of fishing on the Red River near Selkirk. That’s for sure worth the trip up alone — thanks much for watching!

Commence with the whacking:

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