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Not all walleyes go deep, Lead tackle ban, Use lighter jig strokes

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“Green” group wants lead fishing tackle banned in MN.

Yup, you read that right. Really it’s nothing new…environmental groups have been trying to outlaw the use of lead in fishing gear and ammo for years. Their main argument:

> “Lead jigs and sinkers can poison loons when the birds scoop them up on lake bottoms while they are searching for pebbles to help them digest their food.

> “People don’t make that connection — that when they lose a lead jig, it never rusts or decomposes…it sits there for decades.”

So what’s the impact?


A lead ban would mean you could expect fishing tackle to become waaaay more expensive overall since a lot of heavier lead alternatives (like tungsten) are dang near worth their weight in gold.

Some states such as NH, VT, NY and ME already have some form of a lead ban. Believe in NH it’s a $250 fine if you’re caught using lead jigs/sinkers, so still a little bit cheaper than buying tungsten in the first place lol.

IMO it’s just a matter of time before we see some type of a lead ban here in MN. I’m not taking sides ‘cuz I see where both are coming from…but:

> In 2015, [MN] released a study of more than 130 loons that had been found dead over the course of several years…. More than 11% of the loons had died of lead poisoning.

Okay…what are the other 89% of loons dying from??

Own a boat, they said…it would be fun, they said….

Have shared this meme before ‘cuz sometimes it be like that (lol) and…


…here’s a few recent posts I’ve stumbled across from people that know the feeling all too well:

1) Check Phillip Forster’s hilarious caption under this post in the Lund Boat Owners Facebook group. We’ve all been there, or will be one day:

> Phillip: “I used my prop as a depth finder so now it’s a clock.”


2)Texas hold ’em poker NWT pro Robert Blosser sees your aluminum, and raises you stainless at Devils Lake, ND:

> Robert: “Let me just sneak right on over this-” Nope. Never mind.


Of course props aren’t the only thing that can hit the bottom…of your check book….

3) Looks like Kim and Mark Ramsey took a rock to the face of their Lund Pro Sport 1700 when they were trailering. Give that a +1 to you tiller guys/gals:


One of those things I’d never even think to have happen. Was hipped to a cool new-ish product called the Flack Jaket by TW fan Matt Ristow. Company makes bow guards and windshield protectors that could probably pay for themselves with one bad hop of a rock? Definitely diggin’ it:


If you want a little better look at the finished product, NWT pro Robert Cardenas posted a video earlier this summer showing how to install the windshield cover.

Not all walleyes go deep in the fall.

First off: If you’re still not following full-time guide Tom Boley over on the YouTubez yet, better get on it! Dude kicks out a ton of content and does a great job of breaking down the where/why…not just the what.

His newest vid breaks down how he snap jigs with a 4″ Kalin’s Jerk Minnow Jr. for shallow walleyes all fall long:


Keep cranking out the vids, man!

Shot of the day.

It’s hard to make rods look cool in pics, but Okuma nailed it with this shot:


That’s one of their under-100-buckaroos Dead Eye Customs. I just picked one up in the 7′ 4″ M extra-fast action to use for shallow snap jigging (long casts, not vertical) and think it’ll double as a Rippin’ Rap rod.

Haven’t got to try it for either of those techniques yet, but used it pre-fishing on Gull Lake with big creek chubs and liked it. No joke my very first two drops were a huuuuge “under” followed up by a kicker:


Of course neither of those fish ^ decided to bite again on tourney day lol. Wasn’t for lack of trying…my Humminbird HELIX G1 was lit up like it was on demo mode all day:


And yes, I have since cleaned my screens lol. #Don’tJudgeMe

Never-before-seen footage of NWT pros…

John Hoyer and Tom Keenan walking up to the weigh-in stage at the NWT Championship on Devils Lake, ND. #Goats



Case you need a reminder: Hoyer won the derby (plus a $97,320 payday!) and Tom secured the ‘Angler of the Year’ title against the top walleye sticks in the world.


1. MN: Dan Eigen benefit happenin’ Friday.

If you haven’t heard, professional fishing guide Dan “Walleyedan” Eigen has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma…a rare type of blood cancer that originates in bone marrow. He’s a couple months into chemotherapy and will eventually receive a bone-marrow transplant.

The benefit is happenin’ Oct 11 in Shakopee, MN. If you can’t make it but still wanna help Dan and his family financially, hit their GoFundMe page here. If you’re the praying type, please send a few his way. Stay strong, brother.

2. Walleyedan’s rig is for sale.

Fully decked-out Larson 2020T w/ 150-hp Merc. #TillerLife

Minn Kota Vantage, bow mount Terrova with i-Pilot Link, 2 Humminbird HELIX 12s with Side and Down Imaging, a 15′ Talon, onboard chargers, you name it. More info here.

3. OH: Lake Erie perch showing up…

…in the western basin. Lots of talk how Lake Erie perch (and walleye) populations are at record levels, but sounds like fishin’ folks were still having a tough time catching ’em…until now.

Apparently water temps are running 3-8°F above average — just finally dipped below 70°. Been a weird fall all over….

4. MN: Steinhoff/Czech win Gull Lake derby…again.

Bob Steinhoff and Ryan Czech won the 7th annual Fishing to End Hunger tourney — for the 3rd time! — with 17.48 lbs on 5 fish. That bag can only include 1 fish over 20″, and theirs was an 8.41-lb kicker. What’s all that mean? About a $15K payday for the duo:

Couldn’t track down the guys on social to find out how they caught ’em, but I’ve heard they like to rig big chubs on reeeeally long leaders…talkin’ up to 10-12’…. Congrats fellas!

5. OH: 106-yr-old bait shop is on the move.

R&R Bait and Tackle has been in downtown Columbus since 1913! Owner Bill Wentzel is passing the biz on to his son, who will be moving it to Buckeye Lake. Hopes it’ll boost winter business (currently sees almost zero) while cutting down his morning commute during rush hour (ugh). Best of luck!

6. Online fishing license scams are a real thing.

Guy in the link got scammed outta $39…but I’d be even more worried about them using your pmt info to steal way more after the fact. Make sure you’re only buyin’ direct from the DNR sites, or better yet hit a local bait shop if you’ve got the time.

7. How slick is this?

Called the Eskimo Bucket Caddy and helps organize the disaster typically found in the bottom of 5-gal buckets from Nov thought Mar:

8. WI: It takes 30-ish years to grow a 50″ muskie.

Says this write-up talking about the DNR’s muskie stocking/aging project.

9. Great Lakes: The real Asian carp threat.

> If the carp get established in the lakes, the next logical step is they’ll vacuum out enough algae, plankton and the rest of the stuff at the bottom of the food chain to starve the sport and commercially important fish. Eventually, they will eliminate $6 bil worth each year.

> Except for one thing, the invasive mussels have already done that….

> If the mussel invasion already sucked the life from the bottom of the food chain, would the Asian carp exacerbate it? Hardly, most Asian carp, were they to freely swim upstream from the Illinois River into Lake Michigan, would quickly starve to death. There’s not enough algae and plankton in the lake to keep them healthy for long.

The write-up goes on to talk about how the biggest threat of letting Asian carp gain access to the Great Lakes would be them infiltrating much of the northeastern US and southeastern Canada.

Speaking of carp…here’s an online guide for how to tell what’s what. Funny the post is on yet they don’t have “green carp” in the diagram. 😉

10. PA: Snakehead caught in Monongahela River.

> The snakehead bears a striking resemblance to the native bowfin in WV waters, but it has a much larger and more bony head. They’re also voracious eaters and will quickly devour a lot of the potential forage for other game fish like walleye, smallmouth, and other species native to our rivers and streams.


I would wear gloves too:


> The fish is native to the Far East and is known to inhabit northern China, Korea and Russia. How it got to America is a subject of lore.

> “The story goes a Chinese guy had a sick sister and bought a couple of snakeheads to make soup for her, but she got better. So in honor of her, he released them alive into a local pond…. From there, they spread and proliferated and now they’re all through the Potomac drainage.”

11. DC: Administration wants more ethanol.

> …seeks to pump more than 15 bil gallons of ethanol into the nation’s fuel supply beginning in 2020….

Sounds like it might be a good time to invest in Sea Foam stock…we’re gonna need it….

Tip of the Day

Lighten up your jig strokes on steep breaks.

Super quick 23-second tip from The Next Bite crew — but one you maybe haven’t thought about — on how you should change your jigging cadence when fishing super-sharp breaks:

Meme of the Day

Your secret’s safe with us:

Know plenty of ladies who own a lifetime supply of J-Raps too, and you better not even THINK of borrowing one lol.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Don’t know how many BIG walters Marc Tremblay has caught on Yo-Zuri stickbaits, but do know it’s a rather significant amount! Awesome shot/fish, dude!!


Ship caught with 12.3 MILLION fish over their limit.


> Authorities in Peru say they’ve detained a ship carrying 12.3 million dried seahorses with a $6 mil export value.

> …the sea creature has been illegally bought for use in Chinese medicine….

> Four crew members were also detained and face up to 5 years in prison each.

If they’d been caught with 12.3 million walleyes, they’d probably only lose their fishing licenses for 90 days….

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