Brett McComas

Ladies CRUSH the LOTW lake trout! (video)

Lake of the Woods has a little something for everyone. We kicked off our trip to Vic & Dot’s Camp chasing lake trout in Whitefish Bay with our friends Chanda and Eric Gebhardt. The ladies (badly) out-fished us…and weren’t shy about letting us know it (lol). Probably a 10:1 ratio, but you know what…

Throwing “metal” faaaar out-fished plastics. That Clam Leech Flutter Spoon — in “red gold” or “perch” — on lake trout must be the equivalent to dangling a Reese’s in front of my face. #Dibs

Robert is willing to sacrifice his THUMB to make sure your fish get topside. Seriously. Think we’re gonna have to get up there for some ice-out lakers this spring in the boat!

New Vlog (part 1) from our trip is below — part 2 where we portage for some slab crappies and jumbo perch is coming soon. Let me know what you think!

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