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Ladies catch bigger fish, Boundary Water tricks, Rippin’ Rap vs Jigging Rap

Today’s Top 4

Shout out to fisher-ladies everywhere!

Yo fellas — you’re not the only one’s getting outfished by your better half (*cough* me too *cough*). Ladies have been gettin’ it done in a big way this season!

Whole lot of thickness goin’ on with Carly Rush’s massive 30-incher! Caught prefishing for the Hell Creek Walleye Tournament (Fort Peck, MT) pulling Northland Butterfly Blade Super Death Rigs in 18′ at 1 mph. Bet that fish was pushing 12 lbs!


New PB alert! Chloe Deno snatched this 30.5″ Little Bay de Noc (MI) rock melon running ‘crawler harnesses on rock reefs in 15-25’. Congrats!


Bryan Bogdan’s better-est half Elissa stuffed this 30″ on a Rapala Jigging Rap fishing outta Wekusko Falls Lodge in northern Manitoba:


Rylee White (@aliengiirl) gettin’ down and dirty with an Assiniboine River, Manitoba slab from the bank — scarfed up a good ol’ pickerel rig + salted minnow:


Here’s 29″ of corn-fed NE gravel lizard caught by Liz Holmes (@lzzykellyy) with a #5 Berkley Flicker Shad:

How to catch more and bigger fish in the Boundary Waters.

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) is a 1.1 million acre wilderness area — within the Superior National Forest in northeastern MN. Has 2,000 backcountry campsites, 1,200 miles of canoe routes, and about 1 zillion walleyes lol.

BUT…motors are only allowed on a handful of the area’s 1,100+ lakes…which doesn’t stop 250K+ people from visiting each year with their canoes….

Think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what Joel Nelson says are the first things he packs to help him get on (and stay on) fish. Of course he’s talkin’ the BWCA, but same tips would help you on any backwoods fishing excursion:

Walldawgs of the week!!

@bshinski has been on a hot Rapala Jigging Rap bite waaaay up der in Saskatchatoon eh! Both are looking a little glassy eyed in this pic lol:

Can tell he’s ^ fishing in the right area considering he’s catching walleyes that are THIS hungry and baby sharks #DooDoo


Cole Peskey trolled up a 31″ hammer with the new Gen2 PK Ridgeline Crankbait in the VanHook area of Lake Sakakawea:


Guide David Clark has been getting his boat on a pile of big Dale Hollow Lake, TN walldawgs. This one went 30″ [!] and chowed a crawler harness on a downrigger — great to see some giants hiding down there:


TN sure isn’t the first place that comes to mind when people talk about walleye fishin’…but don’t forget that’s where the record came from…

…Mabry Harper’s 1960 world record walleye was a 41″ [!] behemoth that weighed 25 lbs!!!! Plucked outta Old Hickory Lake, TN (reservoir formed by the Old Hickory Lock and Dam, located on the Cumberland River) while fishing for catfish with 75-lb test:

Fish-flop Friday is back.

Tasha Eaglesham (@tashymiss) says, “It’s a good thing I can laugh at myself, and now you can laugh at me too baha! Happy fish flop Friday my friends.” Love it:


So much going on in this @outdoorsinsider shot lol. Still trying to figure out who has the best expression in this pic? The kiddo, dog, or walleye [crying-laughing emoji]:


Another Dale Hollow bruiser boated with guide David Clark. This one’s gonna leave a mark — fish has some shoulders:


Maxime Isabelle said the fish was a bit camera shy, but his boy Yannik was all about it. Smile says it all!


1. New micro “baitfeeders” for ice fishing.

If you’ve never seen a “baitfeeder” spinning reel, they let you disengage the spool so the fish can run — then just flip the switch and your normal drag is engaged. Dream come true for set-lines or deadsticks.

Okuma’s dropping the smallest baitfeeders on the market — 500 and 1000 sizes — in their 2 most popular spinning reels (Avenger and Ceymar) this Sept 2019:

2. SD: GFP restocking winterkill lakes.

> Todd St. Sauver, area fisheries supervisor: “We did not see as many severe winterkills as we were expecting — that was a good thing. All the lakes that did have severe winterkills have been restocked, and we normally see really fast fish growth. Hopefully, those waters will be up and providing some fishing again in 2 or 3 years.”

3. MI DNR wants your walleye opinions.

I you’re a MI licensed angler, of course. Have an online survey to “better align the biological and social aspects of walleye management” in the state.

4. ND: Devils Lake MWC happenin’ Aug 16-17.

5. MN: Josh Evan wins walleye stamp contest.

> Purchasing a walleye stamp is voluntary…helps fund an account dedicated only to walleye stocking. The money helps the DNR buy walleye from certified private producers that are stocked in MN lakes. Customers can buy walleye stamps any time, even if they already have a license.

Now that’s our kind of “food stamps.”

6. MN: Invasives watch.

Zeebz found in Rouchleau Mine Pit (near Virginia), South Twin Lake (Mahnomen County), and Maple Lake (Wright County).

Also, starry stonewort confirmed in Lake Beltrami.

Heads up: Contact an area DNR aquatic invasive species specialist if you think you’ve found zebra mussels — or any other invasives — not already confirmed in a lake.

7. ND: Gotta keep fish caught in 25’+?

> Fish caught from deep water likely won’t survive because of the extreme change in water pressure. Anglers fishing at least 25′ should make the commitment to keep what they catch, and once they reach their limit to stop fishing at that depth.

8. IA: DNR investigating fish kill…

…along about a 10-mile stretch of the Little Maquoketa River starting north of Epworth and running downstream to Durango. Thousands of dead fish, mostly rough fish and minnows.

Also was a fish kill in White Breast Creek caused by:

> …a large amount of sludge spilled from [the Osceola wastewater treatment plant’s] digester into the creek. Because of high organic matter in the sludge, oxygen levels dropped in the stream. Low oxygen and high ammonia levels are toxic to fish and other aquatic animals.

9. Fresh NWT stats from “The SOO.”

Big thx to John Balla [!] for putting these time-consuming gems together:

If you haven’t already, you can thank John by throwing him a like/follow on his Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Headline of the Day

Love the little man’s confidence in the video interview.

Massive Eagle Claw Giveaway!!!

Have a shot at winning this $300+ spread of NEW FOR 2019 Eagle Claw stuff! Proud manufacturers of the only American-made fish hook!! The prize pack has some of their newest fish-catchers, including:

1. TK2VR Pro-V Octopus Hook

> TheTK2V’s Pro-V bend increases holding power after hookset by funneling the fish to the deepest point on the hook throat and keeping it there. …offers an additional profile option for when varied presentation is important, and creates a pocket in the hook throat that holds live bait in place.

2. TK220 Re-Volve Rotational Shank Hook

> Designed to revolve at trolling speeds, the TK220 Re-Volve Rotational Shank Hook has a unique action that walleyes can’t resist. ‘Fresh Red’ offers an additional presentation option for slow trolling….

3. LEEJ Pro-V Eagle Eye Jig

> …larger hooks sizes for use with plastic swimbaits. Large holographic eyes and premium paint in a wide range of colors offer anglers the opportunity to adjust presentation to suit nearly any water condition in the pursuit of walleyes.

> …utilize the newly announced American Made Lazer Sharp LV570 Pro-V jig hooks with lead “Aspirin-style” jig heads. The Pro-V bend is also stronger than comparable round-bend jig hooks, and creates a pocket in the hook throat that holds live bait in place.

All that and more can be yours for the low, low price of $Free.99 (lol) if you’re the randomly selected winner. Takes 10 seconds to enter and can share the link you get for bonus entries — good luck!

Tip of the Day

Ever tried vertical jigging a Rapala Rippin’ Rap? There’s times when Joel Nelson says they work even more better-er than Jigging Raps:

Joel really likes the #6 Rippin’ Raps which are 2.5″ and weigh 1/2 oz. You probably already have a few in the box from ice fishing….

Meme of the Day

Watch your own bobber:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Joe Banker’s Instagram profile says he’s a full-time wedding photographer + part-time fisherman…kicked out some seriously awesome shots when he combined the two on Lake Erie and invited a Moonshine Shiver Minnow to the party:

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