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How much $$$ NWT pros spend, Stop blaming bananas, Walleye causes power outage

Today’s Top 5

How much $$$ does the NWT bring to a community?

Is it $50K?…$100K?…$200K??…or maybe:


Okay…it’s not quite to Dr. Evil Hoyer’s level, but it is a ton of dough according to a survey done in this write-up. They polled the 174 fisherpeeps (I hate the word angler for some reason) in the 2019 NWT Championship at Devils Lake, ND and found that:

> “The average expenditure per angler was $1,375…. Those dollars totaled nearly $250K and they revolved throughout the community many times.”

Of course the 174 peoples surveyed doesn’t include any friends or family that made the trek, or locals who came out to watch all the fishy shenanigans.

Also, believe there were 87 boats that qualified to fish this championship. The 3 other NWT stops this season averaged 138 boats per event (2-person teams), so about 276 fisherpeoples. Using the same $1,375/person figure above would mean roughly $380K is dumped into each community from the dudes/dudettes fishin’.


> “…the fishery and the area receive positive news coverage in social media, magazines, websites, TV and media throughout the country.”

No doubt you can expect more people and $$$ to make their way over to fish after watching the pros wallop on the bigs, and spitting out exactly how they caught ’em.

Another interesting fact from the Devils Lake NWT stop:

> “The average angler spent 7 nights in the area: 36% stayed at resorts, 32% at motels, 16% at campgrounds and 11% with friends. The average angler traveled 575 miles round trip to fish Devils Lake, and 14% drove more than 1,000 miles.”

And here’s how much John Hoyer dropped on dinner after winning lol….

Free car. *Local pickup only.

Check The Technological Angler’s awesome screen snapshot thx to his Hummimbird MEGA Imaging unit:


And if trucks are more your thing, Paul Simpson’s got you covered:


Sick! Know I’m not the only one saving up for a MEGA Imaging unit…

Walleye causes power outage?!

Can’t make this stuff up. The utility company said North Bay’s electricity was cut for approx 1 hour after a dang walleye “was dropped on a pole-mounted transformer.”

Write-up said “the fish was likely dropped by a bird.”

Ummmm…duh?!? ‘Less Uncle Rico was catching and releasing in the area:


Stop blaming bananas for your lack of fishin’ skillzzzzz.

Cap’n Ross Robertson’s spitting [fire emoji] [fire emoji] [fire emoji] again:


Speakin’ of those poor, defenseless ‘nanners…If you’ve never seen this OG Uncut Angling video from 2013, it’s def worth a watch. Aaron Wiebe and Clayton Schick absolutely smashfest the walleyes, and somehow never even mention the fact that there’s hundreds of bananas in the boat lol:


Rip jigging with 3/4-oz PK Flutter Fish spoons and Jackall TN60 rattlebaits:

Match the hatch defined.

This color isn’t available in the States yet, but maybe you Canadian folk can get your hands on it? That’s a Rapala Shadow Rap Shad (top) and Shadow Rap Deep (bottom) in the “live roach” color:


1. MN: MIlle Lacs walleye tracking study goin’ down.

‘Cuz they’re trying to figure out what’s “disappearing” (allegedly) small walleyes:

> “There’s not enough young walleye surviving until they’re 11-13” long. At that size, the risk of predation drops considerably and the fish is considered recruited into the population.

> “Large lakes need a strong year class every 3-4 years. At Mille Lacs, we’re averaging 7 years between productive hatches. That’s not sustainable.”


> “…researchers captured 70 adult walleye (18-28″), 70 juvenile walleye (7-11”)…and implanted fish with small transmitters.

> “…planted 61 telemetry receivers in a grid pattern across the lake and another 12 in streams that flow into or out of Mille Lacs.

> “Receivers can detect tagged fish up to half a mile in any direction, providing thorough coverage in each section of the lake and all types of bottom composition.”

Here’s the movements of one 23″ walleye from Sep 2018 to May 2019:

Interesting stuff. Lot more to read in the full Steve Hoffman write-up here.

Speaking of MIlle Lacs…

Here’s what some local resorts/guides wanna see from the DNR moving forward.

2. NV: Dude ties 32-yr-old perch record.

John Shorter III caught this 1-lb 8-oz (13.5″) perchzilla outta Wildhorse Reservoir on Feb 16…ties Warren Todd Goodale’s 1987 record caught on Dufurrena Pond. Guess it was just verified? Congrats man!

Anyone else find it weird to see Nevada and ice fishing mentioned in the same writeup? But guess this area in northeastern NV (near the ID border) typically has fishable ice from the beginning of January through mid- to late-March.

3. IA/NE: No-wake advisory issued for Missouri River.

From Sioux City to Rulo, which is over 200 miles [!] of river.

4. The Fishing Careers Workshop is comin’ in hot!

Happenin’ Sat, Oct 26 in Elk River, MN. Know you’ve seen us mention the Fishing Careers Workshop several times in here, ‘cuz it’s a seriously awesome one-of-a-kind event I wanna make sure you don’t miss out on!

If you’re still on the fence about going or not, have a watch at this vid with peeps talkin’ about how attending that day impacted them:

5. MN: 18th annual Fall Walleye Classic…

…happenin’ Sunday, Sep 29 on Pelican Lake near Breezy Point. Solid payouts, $200 team entry fee, and the tourney helps raise money to better walleye fishing in the Brainerd Lakes Area. More info here if you’re looking to jump in.

Pelican is definitely one of my favorite walleye lakes in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Guess I could be a bit biased…my wife (Amanda) and I have had plenty of fishin’ date nights out there, and it’s even where we got married:

6. IA: DNR traced fish kill to poultry biz.

> Overfull manure storage at the egg-laying facility caused a leak from one of the buildings, where manure was exposed to rainfall. …the runoff had high ammonia levels which flowed to [Little Bear Creek].

7. IA: DNR says no moving crayfish from Storm Lake.

Trying to stop the spread of invasive rustys.

8. Newest Midwest (video) Fishing Reports out now.

From the AMSOIL crew:

Tip of the Day

Todd Longley’s fall “greenback” walleye tips.

From this Hooked Magazine writeup, few excerpts below:

> Walleye will instinctively start to school up at the mouth of the Red River and Lake Winnipeg [Manitoba] ready to follow the migration of shiners up the river. The larger the shiner run, the more big fish will be present. The last few years have seen good runs of shiners so 2019 could be great….

> Combine a water temperature in the 52-54°F range + some strong north winds = greenbacks move in for the kill.

> Early in the fall walleye run I’ll head down to the mouth of the Red River and get walleyes as they move into the river at the ‘Cut.’

> …if the river level is high and there’s a fast current, move down river to the Netley Creek area or the mouth of the river…there’s less current and the river isn’t as muddy.

> I like to fish shallow in the early part of the fall walleye run and move deeper as it gets colder. Hard bottom is a must.

> A lot of the really good spots are community spots. It’s funny how you get to a community spot and see a lot of boats — and I mean lots — all lined up in the same depth of water. You know they’re on fish [at that specific depth].

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

You don’t need a boat to get on big fall walleyes! Current, bridges, neckdowns, etc can all help bring the bait and fish to you.

Tyler Flynn (@tyler.flynn_) has been shore banging Bay de Noc gravel lizards slow rolling a “green fire UV” Storm ThunderStick. #Day’N’Nite

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