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Winnipeg giants explained, Monster ice pike, Best mailbox ever


Today’s Top 4

Giant Winnipeg ice ‘eyes explained?


How to explain walleyes like that? Check out this recent headline:

UFO near Jackhead? It’s actually a plane, says military

Suuuuuuuuuuuure it was:


Monster MI ice pike!


Caught by Eric Wilkerson. As he posted: “46” 25.5lbs the monsters do exist in Michigan!!”

Here’s another nice one from Canada:


Best mailbox ever.


Here you go!



Wow that’s a lotta dough. He won with a 13.38-inch perch:

> Steve Blanchette won the grand prize, which was half of all the $100 registration entry fees in the Elliot Lake Ice Fishing Derby. Blanchette won the derby by catching a 34-centimetre perch on Horne Lake….

No pics of the fish, but the guy looks happy…and a little stunned:


1. SD: 29.5-incher caught on Big Lake.

2. 2 new cheating incidents.

IA yellow bass.

Fish caught outside tournament hours, 2 men charged with single counts of felony theft by deception.

FL sheepshead (saltwater).

Folks thought winner’s fish looked “beat up,” no polygraph given, but later found the guy did not have a fishing license!

3. Erie ice ‘eyes on In-Depth Outdoors.

4. MN: Spearing on Mille Lacs…

…this season:

> 44% increase in MN spearing licenses sold.

> Tripled the northern harvest this winter (should help young walleyes)

5. MN: Record fishing pressure on Upper Red Lake.

This winter:

> 1.5 million angling hours (prior record was 1 mill last year)

> May have been higher than Lake of the Woods this year. WOW.

6. OH: ‘Eye bite on near Catwaba Island.

> Fluorescent lures tipped with shiners.

7. WI: Ice-fishing musical on TV.

8. WI: Oehmcke Hatchery gets $4.2m grant.

9. MN: Disabled man pulls self onto ice…

…after truck goes through.

10. MI: New Asian carp legislation.

One problem: Carp can’t read….

11. Blackened walleye recipe.

We second the peanut oil…long as you’re not allergic….

12. LOTW report.

> Some monster walleyes this week with a nice mix of saugers and jumbo perch in the buckets.

> Northern part of Big Traverse from Knight and Bridges islands up to Garden Island in 26-32′ still giving up fish.

> Some big pike caught this week in front of Zippel Bay.

> Reefs off of Long Point producing mixed bag with some jumbo perch mixed in. Good reports with gold, glow red, and pink.

> On the Rainy River, locals still catching walleyes in 15-20′. Best time is evening.

New Visitor’s Guide.


1. WI: Battle on the Bago.

Starts today, expecting around 12,000 anglers.

2. Tomahawk, Somo ice derbies this weekend.

3. ND: Walleye University in Grand Forks.

March 7, 10-5 at Scheels, 2800 S. Columbia Road.


‘Eye Candy

Spenser Samplawski says he likes the Sebile Vibrato better than live bait:

Tip of the Day

Not an ice-only tip either:

> “Any time I need to put a bait at an exact level and keep it in the fish’s face, a dropshot is priceless. Not only can I cast a dropshot and simply twitch it in place, I can also drag the rig, swim it, troll it or even work it vertically beneath the boat or a hole in the ice.”

> …while shapes like twister tail grubs excel on a jig, a dropshot activates straight tail worms, minnows and other subtle shapes. Moreover, many classic softbait shapes traditionally threaded onto 1/8 to 1/64-ounce jigheads spring to new life when pinned to a plain hook above a sinker.

> “I use a 4- to 8-pound test braided mainline, joining it to an 18- to 36-inch section of mono or fluorocarbon, using back-to-back Uni knots or an Improved Albright knot.”

> The most critical aspect of the dropshot is tying the Palomar knot so the hook point faces up.

> …an exception to the standard dropshot rig becomes necessary with light-biting fish. “Big bluegills often mouth a softbait like humans taste red hot food. So it’s sometimes best to rig with a short dropper, or pair of droppers jutting from the mainline, as opposed to pinning the bait to the line with a Palomar.”

Shot of the Day

We love this “ice fishing thermometer” shot from Instagram — it’s cold!

Gotta check this stuff out!

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