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Walleye Star Wars, Quinte giants, Put a walleye to sleep

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Today’s Top 5


With all the Star Wars hype…




…we figured we should honor our Jedi Masters:

We see what you did, Ice FORCE …


Yoda too:

“Catch or catch not. There is no try.”
– Super Competitive Fishing Yoda

Bay of Quinte still on fire.


Jeff Chisholm dumpin’ 13.84 lbs back into the Bay:

Awesome to see a fish that big on video. Caught on a Rapala Deep Jointed Husky Jerk 12 — suspended over 120′. Ten minutes later they boated a 15-lber that was 33″ x 20.5″. Was it this one? Wow!

48 people rescued on Upper Red Lake.


Monday’s big winds broke a big ice sheet free from shore. Glad all are okay. Stranded or not, you can’t complain about fishing on a Monday!

Bro talks early-ice safety.


Listen up!


How to put a walleye to sleep.





Ice Fishing

1. MN: Early-ice crappie-geddon.
Nice job boys!

2. Ice Force Ultimate Wheelhouse giveaway!

Can’t win if you don’t enter:

3. ND: Brad and Brawny Bluegills.

Brad Hawthorne gets into some early season bull ‘gills near Devils Lake — in case you weren’t already itching for some good ice…

4. ND: Mo’ NoDak goodness.

Guess that’s one way to give scale to a photo:

5. ND: Biz folks hurting from no ice.

6. SD: Man rescued after falling thru ice.

While ice fishing…or trying to….

7. New Ice Force gear.


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1. Bigtime walleye auction.

Bid on the complete set of In-Fish mags, Walleye Guides, Walleye Insiders, and a day on the water with Al Lindner! All proceeds go to the Future Anglers Foundation.

2. Does sonar scare fish?

> Scientific research has shown that fish sonar frequencies (typically 50-800 kHz) are well outside of the range that fish can sense and respond to.

Can’t blame your electronics anymore….

3. IN: Muskie Classic scheduled for May.

4. ND: NDGF plans to stock muskies in Larimore Dam.

5. New muskie record release program.

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‘Eye Candy

Who needs ice when you’ve got Pool 4 walleyes? Kory F. pitchin’ plastics on the Mississippi River, MN — at least smile a little buddy!

Tip of the Day

Quote of the Day

Teachers were picking my brain, almost like I was taking them to school.

Guide Pat Kalmerton talking about being a well-known stick in high school. Also said:

> “I told them straight out, ‘I’m not going to college. I don’t have the drive to work numbers and stuff, I want to fish.’ I was going to fish the rest of my life.”

Shot of the Day

Sam M. caught this Miss Piggy on a 1/32-oz Northland Tackle Forage Minnow Spoon in pink tiger:

Let’s go ice!

Check this stuff out!

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