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Sturgeon Bay giants, Huge ice muskie, Get an extra month of fishing


Today’s Top 5

Sturgeon Bay giants!


Guess all the giants aren’t just in Lake Winnipeg:

> Numerous fish in the 9-10 pound range are being caught right now near Dale and Karen Stroschein’s Sand Bay Beach Resort, including that monster: 12 lbs 10 oz and only 30.5″ long.
> Caught on a #5 Jigging Rap (chrome/blue), minnow head on the bottom hook.
> Work the bottom with an occasional hard and high vertical rip to help big ‘eyes locate the bait in Sturgeon’s clear waters.

> “Your probability of catching a 10-plus is higher than catching a fish under 3 pounds. Seriously: It’s catch a trophy, catch an eater, catch an eater, catch a trophy.”



In PA of all places — 53″ on a tipup — nice!



…if you have a spare $60,000 to get the Hover Hut (*slash* boat):

All you zillionaires, get yours here.



Yes, sometimes perch want a bait that’s literally laying on the bottom:


Breeders ain’t eaters.


Love to see these go back:


Ice News

1. MN: LOTW report!

> From the south end, some of the best reports coming from 22-25 miles north between Knight / Bridges Islands and Garden Islands. Some morning fish coming from 18′ in front of Pine Island. Reefs around Long Point producing….

> On the Rainy River, frozen shiners in 15-20′ most consistent.

> Up at the NW Angle good fishing continues. One day the fish are on the reefs, the next day on the edges. Go-to depth, 20-30′. Jig one line, deadstick second line. More walleyes than saugers, some jumbo perch, pike and eelpout mixed in.

Fish houses on ice through March 31st. Walleyes open to April 14th. Pike open year-round. Lodging info here.

2. WI: Sturgeon spearing open Saturday.

106 sturgeon over 100 lbs harvested last year. Sturgeon that big are at least 45 years old…which is at least a couple years older than that ham sandwich we found in our ice shack last year….

3. ON: Family fishing weekend.

Free fishing for Canadians Feb. 14-16. At least ON and SK.

4. WY: Ice conditions declining.

5. OH says wear a life vest.

When ice fishing.

6. ID: 2 die on Winchester Lake.

RIP fishing brothers.

7. MN: 1 found, 1 still missing.

Lake Benton. RIP fishing sister.

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1. NY: ‘Almost-Annual’ crappie derby this weekend.

Last year’s pot was $14,000+.

2. WI: Kids ice fishing clinics…

…in Milwaukee and Waukesha this Sat.

3. WI: Wissota derby Feb. 20.

4. NE: Walleye Wisdom Workshop.

9:00am to 4:00pm Feb. 28 in Lincoln.



1. WI: Cuts will hurt walleye stocking.
2. MN: New ‘eye regs coming for 2 lakes.

Winni and Saganaga.

3. MI: New fishing pier funded.

Detroit River Refuge.

4. Jay Yelas takes over at C.A.S.T.

Well-know OR bass pro now running a great charity, still fishing too. Very cool. Might be a first for a pro fisherman?

5. RIP Chuck Buck.

Of Buck Knives. Great guy.

‘Eye Candy

Brad Smyth of Detroit Outdoor Adventures caught this Lake Erie gravel lizard in 22′ with a gold Jonah Jig with golden gator stinger hook tipped with a minnow. Fish was 31.5″ long, 21″ around and a whopping 13.71 lbs.

Tip of the Day

Gord Pyzer:

> It is a trout fly on a dropper line, suspended 18″ or so above your jig or spoon. To prepare this rig, slide a nymph or streamer up the line, then tie it in place with a loop knot.

> Some days, you’ll catch most of the fish on the jig or spoon. Then, for no rhyme or reason, the fish will switch over and start hitting the fly.

> Be sure not to jig too aggressively, and pause often in order to let the fly waft gently above the lure.

> Gord suspects that the flash and vibration of the jig/spoon brings the fish in and the fly finishes them.


Quote of the Day

…attended a deer management public input meeting, received a complaint of trespassing and numerous complaints of a slow fish bite.

ND DNR warden report from the Osage district. Folks, the wardens can’t help you catch fish!

Shot of the Day

Just a simple shot, but this is how simple ice fishing can be. Everything you need right there!

Gotta check this stuff out!

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