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Sprengel’s planer boards, Boat lend saves day, Good ‘Trap color

Welcome to Target Walleye! Target Walleye is a daily-ish roundup of the best stuff in the walleye world – collected by folks like the Lindners, Jim Kalkofen and a few other walleye nuts, and delivered directly to you. Enjoy!!

Today’s Top 4

Sprengel’s winning baits v2.

Shot from the NWT champ Korey Sprengel himself:

From his Facebook:

> On the left is a 6′ 6″ medium HMX Fenwick with 10-lb hi vis Fireline on a Pflueger President reel with a 1/8 oz jig and a PowerBait Ribworm, and on the right is a 7′ medium Fenwick Ateos with a Pflueger Supreme XT reel with 10-lb Fireline tracer with a #7 Berkley Flicker Shad (purple flash). I will usually start with a fast and slow approach till one out does the other.

From Berkley:

> “I used 10-lb Berkley FireLine in flame green because I needed to see those subtle bites. The baits used were a one-two punch with a Berkley Flicker Shad size 7 with the bigger bites coming off a Berkley PowerBait Rib Worm (blue fleck/pearl). I tied the Rib Worm on an 1/8-oz jig, cast it out and let it sink to the bottom. Once it was on the bottom, I just shook the rod tip and the big walleye would just pick it up and go with it.”


Why Korey likes Tattling.

Heeeeeeere’s Korey again, this time on Off Shore Tackle Tattle Flags planer boards:

MWC boat lend saves day.

Cool story, short version, Huron derby:

> Wayne Van Dyke and I were leading after day 1, but over night experienced electrical issues with Wayne’s boat which meant that we had no boat for day 2.

> Mark Campeau and Greg Whitson…when they heard of our plight at 6 am, they did not hesitate to offer their boat to us. They cleared all of Marks stuff out his Ranger and into Greg’s Ranger while Wayne and I transferred our gear into their boat.

> We ended placing 3rd, but would have finished out of the money were it not for the generosity of Mark and Greg, two great guys that I had never met before this weekend.

Where to go: Columbia River.

Ron Lindner:

> “That shot is of John Grubenhoff’s giant 20.32 this year on the Columbia River in Washington. Right now double-digit walleye in the 10-17 lb range are being caught. Running deep-diving crankbaits like Luhr-Jensen’s Hot Lips Troller over humps in deep water is a good tactic at this time of year.”

Get after it!



1. MN: Fishing to End Hunger this weekend.

Charity tournament.

2. MN: Lake of the Woods fishing report.

3. WI: Chipp Flowage best hatch since ’06.

4. WI: 4K stocked into Chetek Chain.

5. NY: $4.7mm for Buffalo River cleanup.

6. Great Lakes: Robofish will stalk walleyes…

…and other species, to get data on fish movement. For science, but that could be fishing gold!

7. SD: Scheels Ice Fest coming.

End of this month.


Bait of the Day

Mississippi River Pool #9, mess of ‘eyes on a Rat-L-Trap in 522/Royale.

Tip of the Day

Ted Takasaki: What to do when it’s tough.

> First, keep moving from spot to spot. The more spots you fish, the better the odds that you come across a small pod of active fish.

> Second, change up tactics. Speed up your presentation by trolling faster or reeling quicker. Provoke a reaction bite by giving your rod several quick jerks that will cause the fish to react to the change in speed or direction.

> Third, try downsizing your lure, or try a tactic that others haven’t thought of. I’ve had several instances where fish don’t want the normal sized baits or what other anglers are using.

> Lastly, go to the other extreme and slow down to a crawl, and keep the bait in front of the fish as long as you possibly can. Slip bobbers or vertical jigging often can trigger lethargic fish into biting.


Quote of the Day

After we get off Lake Erie this afternoon, I’ll probably head somewhere like the Mahoning River for the evening bite.

– “Young walleye warriors” Zak Jobes and Josh Wells doing it hardcore – love it!

Shot of the Day

It’s “manatee” season!


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