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Today’s Top 4

MN governor catches walleye during bass opener!

The exact opposite of what usually happens, which is freakin’ hilarious because of where they were fishing…. Any guesses?

Ding, ding, ding! We know state fisheries chief Don Pereira can’t get enough of it:

Do you know what type of weeds you’re fishing?

We love us some weed-dwelling walleyes! Not all vegetation is created equal, but Joel Nelson has a trick for finding the right type of weeds in the right spots:

> Knowing your weeds is important. Cabbage is a broad-leafed, rooted plant in our lakes, and to me is the premium fish-holder. Coontail is a close second, though there are many species that hold fish.
> Being a map nerd with a natural resources background, I’m fascinated by the amount of info the MN DNR has on its lake vegetation reports. There are detailed maps on species, locations, and abundance (not all lakes).

Quick screenshot from the Leech Lake, MN veggie report, but way more info here:

> Research the lakes you fish to see if there are prime weedbeds in key locations: cabbage locations with an interesting twist, inside turn, or point…with broad sandy shallows inside, and immediate deep water outside.
> The deep end of the cabbage is around 10-14′ early on. This time of year the weeds are sparse, so you can drag rigs right through ’em. You’ll want turbid, stained water or a good chop with overcast conditions…otherwise you’re just pushing fish around the shallows with your boat.
> The perfect weed-bite lakes don’t have crystal-clear water, but have enough clarity to support ample weed growth to depths in the mid-teens by mid-summer.
> Early I’ve pulled shiners, rainbows, or even large creek chubs on a short leash (3′ leader or less), with a heavy 1/2-oz bullet sinker and float. This is a great early-season big-fish technique.
> As weeds develop more, I’ll float a worm up off the bottom a bit. Adding a float keeps the bait away from the bases of those stalks which are the snaggiest and least forgiving. You may tangle in the leaves, but can easily pull through here.
> A good way to reduce snagging is to take a #4 or #6 VMC Walleye Wide Gap hook and Texas-rig the crawler by burying it into the body. The larger gap allows that worm to collapse on the hookset.

Keep reading the full Joel Nelson write-up here.

Why Al quit BASS.

About 40-ish years ago, Al Lindner was at a crossroads in his career: Become a full-time tourney bass-head, or focus on the media side of the biz which we’re pretty sure Ron wanted him to do. Who’d uh-thunk one man’s fishing-related decision could impact so many people?! #ThanksAl

Did you know there’s a sort-of-bass-fishing-version of Target Walleye called BassBlaster? For some reason we can’t convince the guy who writes it, Jay Kumar, to come visit and give walleye fishing a real go:


Spinnerbaits for walleyes on purpose?

Came across Andy Boluyt’s pic — while cruising Instagram — of what looks like a BOOYAH Blade Spinnerbait walleye catch:

For sure an overlooked technique that can catch ’em good — especially in the weeds/wood. Anyone else throw spinnerbaits for walleyes…on purpose…and have pics to prove it? Send ’em to us here.


1. OH: Full field for TWF championship on Lake Erie.

> Will feature 502 of North America’s top walleye anglers fishing in 2-person teams more than a quarter of a million dollars in cash and prizes.

> The early-June timeframe coincides with the east-bound migration of massive schools of trophy walleyes weighing 10 lbs and up.

Can’t wait to see the bags these guys put together.

2. MN: Four new state records caught….

Still waiting on that 17-lb 8-oz walleye record to be broke…. In the meantime the state just highlighted some oddball records like: shortnose gar, lake sturgeon, golden redhorse and the quillback carpsucker. Or is that the carpback quillsucker.

3. Lake Erie: Shiner population super low.

Not sure if caused by poor reproductive conditions, lack of plankton which they eat, or what.

4. MI: Lake St. Clair VHS outbreak…

…concerns biologists. Well shoot it concerns us too, haven’t seen any in almost 20 years….

Lol okay seriously: VHS (viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus) is a contagious aquatic virus that causes fish’s blood vessels to leak. No bueno.

5. New Garmin Virb 360.

Haven’t tried one yet, but some folks say the VIRB is even better than the GoPro.

Headline of the Day

Why walleye is Minnesota’s holy grail of fish.

> They’re challenging at times…they almost become ghosts in the lake, where they’re just really hard to find.

Unlike a certain other species of fish *cough* bass *cough.*

Tip of the Day

> Search out land points or shallow bars with steep breaks where deep water meets shallow cabbage weeds.
> I usually begin targeting these areas when surface temps start hovering around 63 degrees and cabbage weeds began to tickle the surface.
> Set up on the inside edge of the weeds, making your casts out to the deep water. This allows you to split the difference and find the exact depth at which the weed edge is.
> I like to use a 1/8-oz Thill Splash Brite. This lighted slip-bobber has a brass opening on top that allows the bait to sink quickly and prevents line twist.
> My main line is usually 6- to 8-lb with a 6-lb leader. The leader is attached using a small #7 barrel swivel to prevent line twist. Just above the barrel swivel is a 1/16- or 1/8-oz egg sinker, depending on wave action.
> Leader length depends on cabbage weed density — extremely dense cabbage calls for a shorter 18-24″ leader to keep my bait from swimming too free and getting wrapped up in the weeds.

> A jumbo leech hooked right behind the sucker or a nightcrawler hooked twice through the head allows the rest of the body to dangle and move freely.

> Match your hook to the size/type bait you’re using — too small of a hook may impede hooksetting ability.

> Weed walleyes are usually feeding fish and tend to be more aggressive — don’t be afraid to set your bait several feet off bottom.

Quote of the Day

When I was a kid, I watched the Lindners on TV catching fish in their Lund Pro-Vs. It was always a dream of mine to own my very own. Today my dream came true.

– Fishing guide Jason Rylander after picking up his new-to-him Lund Pro-V tiller. She’s a beaut, Clark! Judging by the amount of “likes” on his Facebook post, more than a few can relate….

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Looks like you could cut a tree down with that thing. #RazorBack

TW’s Brett McComas caught this one throwing a BFishN Tackle Moxi (chart/orange core) to a shallow Rainy Lake rockpile at the mouth of a bay.

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