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Rainy Lake ice giant, Ice shack walleye thief, UW cam rod

Happy 2016! This could be the best fishing year of your life — we hope so, and will do our best to help you make it so. So let’s start it off right!

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Today’s Top 4


Giant 31″ Rainy Lake gravel lizzie.



We wish we started off 2016 this way too:

Biggie hammered a 3/16-oz Clam Bomb Spoon and minnow head.

Stop that walleye thief!




Don’t see this every day:

That’s Keith Kavajecz and he’s right: Mink and man fingers don’t mix.

Just in case you think Keith won, when he stepped outside to show that video to a friend, the mink cam in and got dinner.

Rod/line + cam = future?




What if you could put a camera at the end of your line? Darren T. gives us a glimpse:

That’s Aqua-Vu’s new Micro Manager. Can’t wait for the Nano Manager….

10-year-old’s mad ice skills.




James D. on a multi-species slam:

New Year’s fishing with dad, Pat D., on Crow Lake and Sabaskong Bay in Nestor Falls, ON. Send us some ‘eye shots!

Ice Fishing


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1. Bid on a huge walleye package!

Fishing trip with Al Lindner + complete sets of In-Fish mags, Walleye Guides & Walleye Insiders. Plus this kicker:

2. Asian carp could crush Erie.

What COULD happen, according to U of Mich researcher Hyong Zhang:

> Asian carp would greatly reduce the traditional food sources for walleye, rainbow trout, gizzard shad and emerald shiners.

> Ultimately, Asian carp could account for as much as 34% of the overall fish weight in Lake Erie.

3. Overharvest stunts bluegills, not overpopulation.

4. Mono and fluoro last longer…

…when stored in a freezer.

5. NH: Lead ban starts June 1.

Apparently it’s okay for ice fishing?

6. Another big season for Lindner’s Angling Edge.

7. Lund Ultimate Fishing Experience returns.

8. Fleet Farm sold to NYC investment giant KKR.

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‘Eye Candy

Turns out they still have a few ‘eyes on the big pond…. Murray H. with a 30+ on Mille Lacs.

Tip of the Day

Most anglers usually drop their baits directly to the bottom or to the level of the fish. Bro says go against the grain and fish from the ice down.

Shot of the Day

Tate’s first 10-inch ‘gill — not a bad way to start the year!

Caught on an Epoxy Drop jig from Clam Outdoors.


Let’s go ice!

Check this stuff out!

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