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Muskies from a car, No skinny dipping, Crazy name pike lure

Today’s Top 5




Guy actually hooks and lands one:

Have to admit, some of us want to try this now….

No skinny dipping in walleye country.




More risky than you think, especially at night:

Awesome shot from @pigpatrol.

Here come the bigs.




You can’t look away:

Lake Huron bruiser caught with a Rapala Husky Jerk:

Mississippi River belly buster:

@mikecallian with 13.5 lbs of Columbia River ham. Used a Norisada Salmon Smolt blade bait.

Caught in April but had to include, Gary R. with a 32 3/8-incher that weighed 14.3 lbs:

New snake resort on Lake Erie.




Put in Bay. Local residents are protesting, but the International Snake Organizational Tribune (I-SNOT) says snake rights need to be protected.

[Okay, we made up everything but the photo and the location.]




Found (somehow) on a Swedish fishing lure site. We had to “redact” the name, but you can fill in the blanks:

Not sure if that’s a joke someone’s playing on European anglers, or whether “sh**y” means something else over there??

Sorry for the PG-rated item, too funny not to include….


1. Al Lindner hosts event for great cause.

The MN Fishing Challenge. Al said, “This is a fun event. Contestants catch fish on Gull Lake May 30 while raising funds for people who are facing alcohol and drug addictions. MN Adult and Teen Challenge positively impacts boys, girls, men, women and their families.”

You fans can make a difference by donating to teams online. Select a team and donate to the team of your choice at:

All funds go directly to Teen Challenge programs that save lives. Al appreciates your contributions.

2. Erie walleye fishing on fire!

3. SD: MO River ‘eyes like footballs again.

Fishery has improved.

4. WI: Fishing Hot Spots sponsors Hodag Muskie derby.

5. Top 10 reasons to get a guide on LOTW.

Current Lake of the Woods fishing report here:

> The walleye season has started out strong up at Lake of the Woods. Good fishing reports are coming in across the lake. Most anglers are sticking to a tried and true presentation of a jig and minnow. The hot colors have been red and white, glow and gold.

> Walleyes in this fishery aren’t super picky. You can get away with a heavier jig, 3/8- 1/2-oz. It is nice to have a heavier jig when vertically jigging over the side of the boat as you can really maintain contact with the bottom and have better control in a breeze.

6. MT: Memorial to John Kelley.

Past president of Walleyes Unlimited of Montana. RIP fishing brother.

7. Al’s boating checklist reminder.

For the weekend:

8. New USCG boat safety app.

9. NPAA wins Forest Service award.

10. Win free VMC jigheads!

Make sure you hit to enter!


1. OH: It’s not Walleye Fest…

…until Wylie gets there:

May 21-25 in Port Clinton.

2. MN: Win a Warrior Boat next weekend…

…at AIM event.

3. ON: Blind anglers tourney next weekend.

For more information, contact the Bait Hotline at: (613) 699-8412.

4. MN: FM Walleyes Pelican Spring Classic.

May 29-30.

5. MN: Girls Gone Fishing.

June 6 on Lake of the Woods.

6. MN: Loon Lake ‘eye derby June 13.

7. MT: Gov’s Cup tournament July 9-11.

GREAT places to fish – check ’em out!

‘Eye Candy

Something is up…or down…about this pic. Odd, but we like it:

Tip of the Day


Chris Gilman: Shad-Rappin’.


Exclusive to Target Walleye:


> Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us. Many anglers start thinking about switching from live bait to crankbaits about now, but truthfully my friends and I have been absolutely crushing the walleyes on the Mississippi River all spring trolling #5 and #7 Rapala Shad Raps.

> The river has been real clean due to the lack of rain this spring, so we have been using a lot of natural colors. Shad colors and perch are my go-to lures when it is sunny and the water is clear. I’ve not been down there since we had all the rain, but if the river muddies up the brighter Raps will be better.

> Early this spring I was using the standard Shad Raps but as the water warmed I’ve been running the jointed Shad Raps also. Certain times of the day when the fish aren’t really feeding I’ll run Jointed Shad Raps by them fast. The Jointed Raps seem to trigger reaction bites — they work like magic sometimes when the bite is slow.

Quote of the Day


They’re handsome, gregarious, relatively prolific and widely distributed….


Description of walleye…CANADIAN walleye, which I guess are more handsome and gregarious than the ones in the U.S.? lol


[From this good article: “How to catch big walleye in spring — anywhere in Canada.”]

Shot of the Day


Looks like Deps Slide Swimmers aren’t just for bass anymore….

Gotta check this stuff out!

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