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Huge laker vid, 100K ice derby, Ice fishing bowling league

Today’s Top 5


Big clear ice laker — these guys are stoked!



Supposedly that many anglers over 23 days:

Hope that river is ultra-frozen….

Guess you get pretty hungry standing in cold water:



> …Lake of the Woods… “There must be some huge Wii bowling league up there in ice houses because everybody wants a big, wide open house with a TV in front for Wii bowling….”

Who knew you could bowl and fish at the same time?


What a $30K ice house gets you.


From the same article as above:

> …the 8-by-30-foot King’s Castle, a triple-axle palace with two sofas, an electric fireplace, an electric lift bed that raises to the ceiling when not in use and 10 ice fishing holes, to name just a few amenities.



Two MN talk show hosts go ice fishing for the FIRST TIME. She doesn’t like kissing a bluegill, and he has…weird socks?

Ice News

1. New Sufix Invisiline ICE Fluorocarbon.

> Unlike traditional fluorocarbon lines…Sufix Invisiline ICE Fluorocarbon spools off spinning reels with ease, while still offering superior sensitivity, strength and handling, and abrasion resistance. Hydrophobic, it repels water, minimizing line freeze.

> “Fluorocarbon has come such a long way in the last five to 10 years, especially for applications on the ice,” says Tom Neustrom. “With Sufix Invisiline ICE Fluorocarbon, fishability and manageability on the spool are so much better than we’ve ever had before.”

2. New Northland tungsten spoon.

> The Tungsten Sliver Spoon is molded from super-dense tungsten so it’s 30% heavier by size than standard spoons.

> “You can downsize spoon profile for finesse and other tough-bite situations, without having to wait all day for your lure to reach the strike zone,” says Team Northland pro-staffer Chip Leer. “A fast fall is especially important when you need to get the lure back to a school of fish before they lose interest and swim away.”

3. WI: Beer/cheese fest this weekend.

Okay not fishing but for many a close second…in moderation of course!

4. VT: Free ice fishing day Jan. 31.

5. ND: NAIFC Metigoshe results in.

No pics??

6. SD: 10 for 6.55 lbs wins at Piyas…

…Perch-only SODAK league. No pics?? (Info on the league here.)

7. IA: Team Extreme West Okoboji results.

No pics??

8. ON: Bradford Ice seminar Thurs.

9. NB may open 77 new lakes.

10. Watch for thin ice near dams.

11. LOW report: ‘Eyes are on!

Check out this gym-bag-sized walleye!

Some deets below, full report here:

> Combo of walleyes and saugers coming in off of the south shore… Hot colors have been pink, gold, chartreuse or plain hook 4-6″ off bottom.

> Nice mix of perch and eel pout have been showing up in limits. Pike anglers doing well 8-10 feet using red, orange, or gold.

> On the Rainy River, anglers catching limits 14-17 feet. Glass eyes, pink, hammered gold the hot colors. From the river to the lake, the ice depth averages 22 inches with at least 8 inches of snow coverage in most areas good for snowmobiles.

> Up at the NW Angle, 27-29 feet on the south side of Oak Island has been filling limits of walleye, sauger, and perch over the sand. Quality trophy walleye shallower 18-22 over the rocks. Gold and pink the best. Lots of crappie action….


1. MT: Derby and clinics this weekend.

2. ME: Long Lake Derby Jan. 24-25.

3. WY: HAWG derby on Pathfinder.

4. NY: George derby helps YMCA scholarships.


1. MN: New Red Lakes agreement.With Red Lake Nation.

2. NY: Walleye club’s Pike Challenge on Feb. 21.

St. Lawrence River. Info.

3. NY: Invasive frustrasive.

My opinion: waste of time and money. They’ve already spent $8 million [!!] trying to keep milfoil out of Lake George. Biological pollution is the hardest type of pollution to get rid of.

> “I just see how much money we’re spending on one of our lakes. If we’re spending $400,000 just to control one invasive in one of our three lakes, how are we ever going to deal with five or 10 invasives in all three lakes?”

Wait…money doesn’t solve everything?? Then why do we need governments….

4. Lake Michigan ice boulders.

‘Eye Candy


> Brandon Klonne of New Prague caught this 29.5″ hog while fishing over the weekend out of Jerry Brandt’s Ice Fishing on the south side of Mille Lacs Lake.

Tip of the Day

Yes “pig,” not just “big” — from Devil’s Lake guide Jason Mitchell. Great article, a lot more info in there:

> “No matter where I’m fishing, I always look for the deepest basins. That can mean more than 50 feet in a main-lake basin, or less than 20 in a shallow bay. The key is focusing on the deepest water available in the system, or in that area of the lake or bay.”
> “…big perch are a lot like cattle. Cows wander the pasture grazing here and there, but tend to gather along fencelines and in the corners. Perch do the same in basins — they roam until they hit the edge — so I start my search along the basin perimeter.”
> Breaklines…Mitchell seeks areas where depth changes coincide with transitions in bottom composition, such as where firm sand or gravel gives way to muck.
> He cautions that basin-dwelling perch may be tucked tight to the bottom or hovering high in the water column, depending on what they’re eating. “In Devils Lake, where perch feed primarily on freshwater shrimp and bloodworms, they tend to be bottom-oriented,” he says.

> His favorite search spoons include Northland’s Macho Minnow and Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon in weights of up to 1/4-oz. Once fish are located, he often relies on an 1/8-oz Buck-Shot tipped with waxworms, spikes or a minnow head. Shades of gold, perch and glow all produce.

Quote of the Day

You could feel the pressure starting from your lower extremities and just work up through your chest, like it was trying to take the air out of you.

Man rescued after falling through the ice with his ATV on Otter Creek, UT.

> All of a sudden the ice just opened and my four-wheeler was gone.

He was rescued by a nearby 76-year-old who had a rope.

Shot of the Day

This shot from Beaver Dam Tip-ups brings a tear to our eye…and also gets us psyched!

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Gotta check this stuff out!

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