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Giant walleye gallery, How to choose ice line, New trolling app


Today’s Top 4



Here’s the giant of the day!


Pic and caption say it all — whoa!


Rest of the giant walleye parade.


And away we go:

Yep, Lake Winnipeg again:

11-lb nighter, Little Bays de Noc, MI:

An Erie 13!!

Another Erie pig:


March madness is on!


Forget basketball, we’re talkin’ ice fishing — days are longer and the fish get a little more active. Couple reports:

Devil’s Lake

> We have had some very good days of late. The perch seem to be much more aggressive once we find them. The key is finding them…cover new water.

> Seems like most people are fishing the same areas over and over. We have had our best luck fishing fresh fish in places we don’t usually fish. The trickiest factor in catching perch is you must find the “spot on the spot,” meaning drill lots of holes. There are days we catch limits out of a 10-foot area.

Lake of the Woods

LOTW has full-service ice fishing through Mar 31 — and it’s good fishing as days get longer and fish activity increases. Here’s the latest report:

> Good reports from the Garden Island area over to Knight/Bridges. Mixed bag of walleyes and saugers, some saugers up to 17″. Some nice fish being taken in the basin over mud. Try 5 miles out in 30 feet!

> Some big 40″+ pike showing up in front of Zippel Bay, 9-14′ with live suckers. Walleyes showing up in 26-31′ from Zippel to west reefs. Decent eaters with occasional big fish. Colors: gold, glow red, and pink.

> Rainy River: Walleyes in 15-18′. Orange is the go-to color, best time is evening. Some sturgeon being caught and released.

> NW Angle: Walleyes shallower in the mud on the south side of Oak Island in 18-22′. Big crappies caught this week on the MN and Canadian sides.



…only costs:

Oops make that $110.00:

> “Precision Trolling,” written by Mark Romanack, was developed in 1991 and considered the troller’s bible for many anglers. Mark saw the need for this book to be more accessible to anglers…along came the Precision Trolling Data App….

> …over 180 crankbaits…. Every time the staff is able to provide additional precise information for a specific or new lure, your app will receive a free update if you have purchased the lifetime package, which currently costs $109.99.

Way more info here.



1. IN stocked 10 mil more ‘eyes in 2014.

2. New barotrauma in fish report.

Don’t fizz!

3. Northland Tackle giveaway.

The best tackle is free tackle!

4. UT: Pike discovered in Utah Lake.

Biologists not happy.

5. Have you seen the Charge ‘N Glow?

Rod mounted, very cool.

6. Muskie lure-maker winners.

Here’s the top bait:

7. Ice fishing fatalities.

RIP fishing brothers.



‘Eye Candy

Great shot of this brown — optical illusion, looks like half a fish!


Tip of the Day

Jeremy likes mono best:



Quote of the Day

It’s a lot easier to drill holes when it’s nicer out.

Mark Bry of Bry’s Guide Service on Devil’s Lake, talking about the easier conditions and better fishing of late. Ain’t that the truth!


Shot of the Day



Couple great shots of folks just happy to catch ’em!

Gotta check this stuff out!



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