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Fish of 10K cats??, Unofficial saugeye record, R u a Sledneck?

Today’s Top 4


Okay not walleye but hilarious!


> Nelson said the tiger musky is considered the fish of 10,000 cats, meaning the chance of catching one is 10,000 times than that of a catfish.




New unofficial CO saugeye record.


> New unofficial CO State C&R Saugeye Record!!! This gorgeous eye is 27.5″ and 9+lbs. !!

There’s always an “ego” or macho thing about being the first person out on the ice.


From an article with early ice safety tips, like:


> Wearing a life jacket is not a bad idea if you’re unsure of the thickness of the ice. If you’re unsure of the ice, don’t go out on it.

And fishing tips:

> During s weather, you’ll find many fish and particularly walleyes that will go extremely shallow to feed and this usually happens in low light conditions and during the warmest part of the day.



Are you a ‘sledneck?’


Great word, even if MTV looks like they will ruin it with a new show by the same name:


> …the term refers to a person who lives in a snowy mountain town and whose version of getting down includes a lot of sledding and snowmobiling.

Aka iceheads:


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1. MN: 10K ‘eyes released in Minnetonka.

Private stocking.


2. MN: Hard Water Expo coming.


3. MN: Lake of the Woods.

> …huge numbers of walleyes have piled into the Rainy River.

> “Assuming there’s limited wind when it freezes so it doesn’t get dirty, the fishing should be good this year. Walleye and sauger numbers are both abundant.”


4. MN: Mille Lacs walleyes fine??

> …”amazing” number of walleyes between 12 and 18 inches. Walleyes over 20 inches remain numerous….


5. SK: 3-yeard-olds can ice fish…

…judge rules:

> …the man had been fishing on Turtle Lake with his daughter and there were four lines in the water. Under Fisheries Act rules, anglers who are ice fishing can only have two lines in the water at the same time.

> A conservation officer ticketed him, saying the little girl didn’t have the ability to set up the ice-fishing rig, maintain it, watch it and retrieve fish.

> The father fought the ticket in provincial court – and won. Judge Dan O’Hanlon…decided there’s no minimum age limit for what constitutes an angler. “Just because an individual is three years of age, and does not have the ability to do everything required when fishing, it does not mean that he or she cannot legally fish.”

Hey – many adults don’t “have the ability to do everything required when fishing.” Just ask a fishing guide!

Here’s the guy who wrote the ticket:

6. MT: Walleye hot on Canyon Ferry.

> …mostly on the north end or mid-reservoir, using worm harnesses or jigs (green or yellow).


7. NY: Two big new ice events coming.


8. ON: Register ice huts online.


9. MI: St. Clair River project questioned.

Spawning reef….

10. MN: Lake Byllesby toast?

Because of bad dam.

11. IL: Chicago Muskie Open.

Jan. 9-11.

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Tip of the Day


Find your ice spots now.

> Many people think it is a bit nuts to be out in a boat when the temps are in the 20s.

> When we found our spot the first thing I did was get out my trusty Vexilar and dropped the iceducer over the edge. The reason for this approach is really two fold. First of all I want to locate where fish are staging for the winter and mark them in my GPS.

> Secondly…I would rather locate these fish effortlessly in my boat rather than dragging the auger around on a hunting expedition. I believe that any spot that can hold fish late in the fall will hold fish in the winter.

> Even my tactics in late fall start to look more like ice fishing that boat fishing. All my ice tackle is on board and at least one rod always has a slip bobber tied up.

> I was looking for typical winter fishing locations, a saddle, a depression or other natural choke points in the lakes. With today’s technology it’s pretty easy to locate the right spot. Fish go deeper in the winter to find the warmer water, when available, and they always follow the bait.

Quote of the Day

…nighttime electrofishing lights have produced calls about UFO sightings….


From an article about electrofishing ‘eyes in MN.


Shot of the Day


Awesome Bay of Quinte, ON meat-locker-sized walleye!


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