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Epic feeding frenzy, Walleye choked by garbage, Leadcore gear tips

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Today’s Top 5

Epic walleye feeding frenzy!


One you’ve got to see to believe. Also what everyone says their spot looked like the day before the tournament:

Phil Nadjiwon captured this walleye slugfest while at Caribou Falls Lodge north of Kenora, ON.

> Phil said, “The owner doesn’t allow fishing off the dock and I can see why. Totally worth it to experience this.”

Can we pleeeease just make ONE cast…with an Alabama Rig:

Walleye choked by garbage.

Jeff Lanteigne caught this walleye sundae on Sylvan Lake, AB that was being strangled by filth:

Some people have no respect for our waters. Thanks for giving this fish a second chance, man! But more importantly for spreading the message on picking up after yourself and others.

Largest ‘marl’ lake in the world.


A marl lake contains the mineral calcite, which will take on a bright turquoise-blue color when the water warms up. Aaron Weibe of Uncut Angling recently visited the largest marl lake in the world, Little Limestone Lake, MB:

Would love to see what the walleyes look like outta there:

A guy can dream, right?


Two-face northern pike.

TW subscriber Jamie Bakken caught this 35″ gator while on a trip to the Devils Lake Basin of ND. It was caught while bottom-bouncing with slow death/pork and had quite the mouth party going on

Unfortunately the damage to half of its face seemed to result in a bit of a weight-loss program:

You never know what’s going to be on the other side of that hookset….

Most intimidating fishing partner ever.

Scott Brewer’s fishing partner can scare walleyes straight into the net:Each of those fish must weigh about 10.5 lbs in dog years pounds….

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1. Dave Andersen will be remembered.

Click here
to read a piece written by Target Walleye’s Jim Kalkofen and other pro walleye anglers on fishing legend Dave Andersen. RIP fishing brother.

2. MN: Mille Lacs ice-fishing limit.

> “The next planned meeting between the DNR and the 8 Chippewa bands that co-manage the lake’s fishery will be in Oct…it’s important because proposals for the Mille Lacs winter angling season beginning Dec. 1 will be discussed.”

Talks before then are likely and probably pretty interesting to sit in on.

3. Lake Erie: Huge 2015 year-class of ‘eyes.

> “The DNR says while the 2014 year-class was great, the 2015 year-class is 3x as large. The next 2-3 years will be very bright for Lake Erie walleye anglers.”

4. How walleyes relate to the thermocline.

Check out this Humminbird HELIX 12 screen capture from The Technological Angler at 20 mph:

Hope you went back and caught ’em Jason?!

5. WI: Night-bite walleyes on Sturgeon Bay (video).

6. ME: Canada Falls Lake accidentally drained.

> “Water levels dropped dramatically as a result of the breach [to a deep gate on a dam], leaving many parts of the lake bone dry and killing fish who live in the lake.”


7. VT: Concern over lamprey chemicals.

> “A chemical used to combat the sea lamprey on Lake Champlain has also been killing walleye, salmon and other species.”

8. Finding green weeds with your Aqua-Vu (video).

The greener the better.

9. New ‘retreating craw’ patterns from Rapalas.

Five new seasonally-specific patterns in the Shad Rap and DT series.

10. How-to tie a mono-to-braid backing knot (video).

More how-to knot diagrams for live bait and lures here.

11. DOC SONAR: Auto-sensitivity vs. bottom hardness.

Make sure you’re not turning back around to fish a hard-bottom mirage….

12. New Rapala Scatter Rap Deep Husky Jerk.

Killer trolling bait. Its ability to change directions almost isn’t fair.


1. ND: MWC comes to Devils Lake, Aug 19-20.

Competing for thousands in $$$ and prizes. Should be some very good bags.
2. MN: David A. Andersen Memorial Walleye Shootout, Aug 20.
Lake of the Woods.3. MN: Free TESTRIDE event, Chisago Lake, Aug 20.Did we say it’s FREE?!?!

4. MN: AIM Divisional Championship, Lake of the Woods, Aug 26-27.

Who’ll come out on top? Good luck teams!

5. MN: Fall Walleye School, Vermilion Dam Lodge, Sep 22-25.

Master your electronics with experts Johnnie Candle and Doctor Sonar.

6. MN: Fishing to End Hunger charity tourney, Gull Lake, Oct 1.

Great cause plus a hefty purse with $22.5k paid out to the top 3 spots alone.

Great places to catch ’em

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Tip of the Day

Leadcore trolling equipment for summer walleyes.

Trolling crankbaits on leadcore allows you to cover a ton of water and find fish fast — but you can’t expect to hit the water with your grandpa’s pole and light ’em up. Here Jason Mitchell talks about the specific set-ups he uses to keep his bait in the zone for long periods of time and lose less fish:

Quote of the Day

I just came around the corner, never hesitated, and just jumped in. Eric was actually floating face down when I found him.

– Touring walleye pro Mark Courts explaining how he helped to rescue a man in a wheelchair that had fallen off the pier. Amazing story, read the whole thing here.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Calvin Dahlheimer hoisting up a 31″ ON rock lizard that ate a jig/leech combo last week:

Great fish bud!!

Check this stuff out!

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