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Carp in walleye costume, How Takasaki fizzes, Cannibalistic walleye

Today’s Top 5

Guy catches a carp wearing a walleye costume.

Five minutes into the morning, Taylor Peck hooked onto what he thought was a carp… ‘Cept instead of swimming in circles, it stayed down with big ol’ headshakes:

Dang! Plucked her outta the Qu’Appelle chain of lakes AKA “Calling Lakes.” Said she went 33″ x 19″ (14.55 lbs). Some more proof for the skeptics:

Good thing your digital scale goes up to 50 lbs lol, BTW they now make it in a new high-contrast version. BIG fish, but even cooler is the big release:

> “For all of you wondering why she’s not going on the wall? She is…. You don’t need the actual fish anymore to do it. Grab some nice photos, get your measurements and return these big fish back to the water to breed.”

Congrats on the fish of a lifetime! #Stout

How Ted Takasaki “fizzes” fish.

“Fizzing” is a process used to deflate the air bladder of fish caught outta deep water. Controversial topic, but Ted Takasaki brings up a great point:

> “…Fizzing gives fish the best chance of living vs lying on the surface for the seagulls or getting filleted for supper.”

Lol spot on Ted. Here’s a short-but-great vid of exactly how/why he fizzes:

Speaking of which, there’s a few other occasions when you DON’T wanna hear that same bubbling/fizzing sound either:

Breakdown of NWT winning techniques.

It’s championship week at the NWT on Green Bay. Basically the Super Bowl, Bassmaster Classic or Daytona 500 of walleye fishing. Word is they’re catching ’em a bunch of different ways — which do you think will take the $$$, trophy and bragging rights?

Here’s a John Balla breakdown of the techniques used to win every NWT tourney since 2013:

Be fun to see which specific cranks won it. Either way, it’s time to buy more:

Lots more info on how the touring pros think it will be won here.

Cannibalistic walleye caught.

Mark Manzanares sent in this pic of a cannibalistic 17-incher — he cracked outta WI’s Gile Flowage — that had an 8″ walleye sticking out of its mouth. #Aggressive

Now that you mention it, there is a resemblance:

Brad Hawthorne caught the mean-lookin’ critter on the left…and somehow managed to keep all his phalanges.

“When you’re stuck in training, but Jigging Raps and Target Walleye emails are on the mind.”

That’s a text that fishing guide Andy Walsh sent me (Brett) this morning. Lol think we can all relate man! Hopefully your boss isn’t a subscriber….


1. MN: Anglers stuck on an island…

…for two days in the middle-of-nowhere on Lake of the Woods. Looked like a sketchy movie scene:

> …Went to the back of the 17′ boat to switch gas tanks and discovered [it] was taking on water…the bilge was running but had gotten plugged [and] the boat was filling up fast…a large wave washed over the stern and turned the problem into a disaster.

> Had just enough time to put their life jackets on before the boat capsized…stayed with the boat and drifted 5-6 hours…washed up on an island around midnight.

They were stuck there for two nights — eating crayfish, wild berries and of course trying to flag down boats miles off in the distance. Hadn’t been reported missing yet [?!], but luckily a boat patrolling the CAN/US border happened to spot them. Glad you guys are okay!

2. 2018 NWT schedule announced.

Here’s your 2018 starting lineup:

  • May 10-11 – Red Wing, MN
  • MN Jun 14-15 – Bay City, MI
  • Jul 26-27 – Devils Lake, ND
  • Championship TBD

Awesome dates/locations.

3. MN: Mille Lacs reopens with a bang whimper?

Local businesses said traffic was crazy light, despite the crazy-good walleye fishing. Time for a road trip people!

4. NY tryin’ to be the sauger capital?

Move over Illinois River:

> Goal is to establish and maintain sauger populations in all suitable waters of native NY watersheds by 2030.

5. SD: Record # of sportsmen arrested.

Or should we call them “unsportsman?” Thanks to the Turn in Poachers (TIPs):

> In the last year: TIP resulted in 364 investigations leading to 227 arrests, $32K in fines and $17.6K in liquidated civil damages.

Big thanks to those of you that care enough about the resource to call in!

6. SD: GFP reviewing Swan Lake petition.

A farm-land leasing company wants Swan Lake closed to the public — the public wants Swan Lake open to the public.

7. Over 142 mil peeps went boating in 2016.

Ever try “boating” without bringing along a fishing rod? Painful. This study said:

> Active boaters spend an average of 71.5 boating hours per season.

Some of you could probably hit that number in a week while trolling….

Tip of the Day

Robert Blosser’s bottom-bouncer hack.

Smooth Moves pro Robert Blosser is leading the AOY points race going into day 1 of the NWT championship on Green Bay. Here’s a slick trick he uses to quickly switch out bottom-bouncers without retying, and also helps to keep ’em in place:

Meme of the Day

If you SOMEHOW still don’t know what a Jigging Rap is, check ’em out before your buddies make fun of you lol. Works year round, but are ridiculous in the fall.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Hope you get to enjoy the sunset with a walleye soon!

How cool is that name Bay Rat?! Love it.

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