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Al’s post spawn rule, Shallow shiner pattern, Tooth Fairy uses braid

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Today’s Top 4

Al’s 30-day post-spawn rule.

> One of the things we learned about early-season walleye is what we call the 30-day rule. This rule primarily applies to smaller and medium-sized natural lakes and reservoirs. This rule DOES NOT apply to the Great Lakes or other huge bodies of water where massive schools of walleye migrate great distances….


> The 30-day rule in these smaller bodies of water: If you know the precise time that the walleye spawned, you can almost bet that 30 days later, groups of walleye will be on the first lip of the large shallow flats extending out into the main body of water.

> These are fish that have already gone through their post-spawn, are regrouping and feeding heavy. There can be other groups of fish deeper, but many of the good sized fish will be relating to that first lip.

> The lip could be a 3′ to 5′ drop, either weed-edged or sparsely weeded. In other bodies of water that break might occur at 7′ to 10′, and still others at 12′ to 15′. But in all cases the lip is what is considered the main break for that body of water.


> It helps if there is vegetation — however sparse or thick, the walleyes will likely be relating to it. It’s important to realize that the fish will most likely be up on the flat, rather than down the drop.

Full tip here on


The Tooth Fairy prefers braided line?

Best catch walleye pro Tommy Kemos has ever snagged with Sufix 832 braid:

It’s a keeper! Shoulda seen what was under her pillow the next morning:

Blue-backed walleye caught.

We can’t get enough of these crazy-colored walleyes — James Swearingen caught this collector’s-edition blue-back somewhere in PA:


What’s this guy’s deal?

They’re what’s called a trophy fish…so…yeah:

All in good fun! Someone’s gotta poke fun at our bassin’ buddies….

Artie and Scott Arndt cashed a $13K payday by trolling shad-bodied, perch-colored cranks — in dirty water — at 1.8 mph in 8-11′. They said another key was “switching from #5 down to #4 crankbaits, which produced most of our fish.”

Artie won it with his son Tanner last year — for sure the guys to beat, keep it up!

2. MN: Charity Fishing Challenge has raised $1.3 mil…

…since ’09 (!) for MN Adult & Teen Challenge drug and rehab programs. This year’s event is June 3rd on Gull Lake, so you can follow Al/Ron around and hawk all their spots lol.

Bonus: A Lund 1650 Rebel XS is being given away to a random fundraising team…even if they don’t catch a fish! #Dibs

3. The Next Bite TV hiring office manager.

Crack into the fishing industry quick, with some legends to boot. Deets here.

4. New Storm 360GT.

They developed the soft-plastic + jighead together for a perfect match. Also has a rattle inside it. Can’t wait to try ’em out on shallow-water walleyes:

FishUSA has 11 colors in stock right here.

5. MN: Legislature ignoring outdoors funding?

> The DNR is already down about 40 positions statewide (biologists, conservation officers and technicians). They’re putting patches on patches on their waders because they have no money.


6. Camping World buys Gander assets.

Sounds like up to 17 stores may still be operated, the rest liquidated.

7. New Aqua-Vu XD Camera…

…quick attachment system lets you add a telescoping pole, trolling fin, or the new flood light to illuminate large areas:

Slick idea! Flood light will be available this July.

8. IA: Walleye netting exceeds goal.

Collected more than 249 mil eggs. Sounds messy….

9. MI: $3.6-mil budget to fight invasives.


10. Last chance: LIVETARGET giveaway!

Ends tonight. Have you seen the Yearling BaitBall Jerkbaits yet?! #WalleyeCandyBars

Click here to enter, or to share you link with buds fore more chances to win.


Tip of the Day

Early-season walleyes follow the shiner spawn.

MN fishing guide Scott Seibert talks shallow, early-season walleyes in this Jason Mitchell write-up. GREAT info, here’s a few excerpts:


> Early season walleye patterns on northern MN fisheries often occur in less than 12′. While classic deep-structure patterns will emerge as the summer progresses, many anglers miss opportunities by looking too deep, too early.

> Fisheries such as Lake Winnibigoshish and Leech Lake hold tremendous walleye populations. Both share a common popularity, and have a shallow-weedline bites that often occur in less than 10′.

> The shiner spawn — which often coincides with blooming lilacs — is a major trigger that creates shallow-walleye bites. Sand or fine gravel is usually preferred, but there’s also usually weed growth (pencil reeds, cabbage, etc) in these areas on naturaul lakes.


> Many of these fisheries offer extremely good water visibility. Wind can trigger aggressive fish to move up into shallow water and feed aggressively, where a lack of wind can shut down some of these shallow bites.


> If the wind lays down, be prepared to slide out over the next break. Cold fronts and major weather systems can also push fish slightly deeper, but as a rule of thumb: you can expect some very aggressive fish up in less than 10′ during s weather when there’s wind.


> Sharp breaks adjacent to shallow flats and weedlines will often concentrate fish when they do slide out into 12′ to 20′. Use your electronics to look for fish and anticipate shadows by where the angle of the sun is. Sharp breaklines that cast deep dark shadows will often hold fish.


Quote of the Day

Hello Washington!!! I’m from Manitoba, I’m all the way here to fish for walleyes and you guys don’t even care about your walleye fishery.

Aaron Wiebe’s emotionally-charged rant while catching big Columbia River walleyes…and finding out there’s NO LIMIT?!?! Guess out there trout are king and walleyes are considered a trash fish…? There’s nothin’ trashy about this:

Plus the vid show his dog Rufus “burping goobers” on him…iiiissssh!

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Cody Varga popped this 12-lb Green Bay pre-spawner on a Rapala Rippin’ Rap:


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