Brett McComas

Why you should use “red” baits for panfish.

Took a break from lake trout fishing to put the SMACKdown on Lake of the Woods panfish out of Vic & Dots Camp. Fished a hard-to-soft transition in 22-26′ where jumbo perch, crappie, walleye and tullibee were gorging themselves on bloodworms:

Best bait for me was a 1/32-oz VMC Flash Champ Spoon (glow red shiner) tipped with a “red” Maki Polli. Same combo works awesome back home in central MN this time of year when those soft-bottom snacks start to show up:

I put together a short-ish vid of the trip below, if fishin’ Vlogs are your thing:

No better way to wrap up the trip than having a fish fry on the shores of Lake of the Woods! Will definitely be back when things thaw out to see if we can get these lake trout in the boat.

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