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Walleye vs bass thumb, Ice prank vid, Walleye disease

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Today’s Top 4

WTHeck is “whirling disease?”

Erik Kraemer and Tyler Trampe plucked an interesting catch outta Wolf River, WI:

Said it was caught on a 1/4-oz jig + shiner “with a spray or 2 of Baitmate of course!” Would love to see the Aqua-Vu footage of that chunky bugger swimming around….

Heard from others it’s called whirling disease, a trout disease I hadn’t heard of in walleye? Maybe it’s caused by playing too much “dizzy bat” as a small-fry….

Smackfest! Best single day of ice-fishing ever?!

You know by now I just got back from Wekusko Falls Lodge, MB where we were able to catch walleyes on spinnerbaits and Beetle Spins (lol) but walleyes weren’t the only thing we were after….

On the last day of the trip we hammered out a true multi-species beatdown, landing the biggest burbot, lake trout and northern pike I’ve EVER seen — and all on the same lake. Here’s a few screenshots from the newest vlog — which you can watch here:

Manitoba grows ’em big! Big enough to dang-near suck an Ifishpro Tip-Up down the hole — couple seconds later and this one would’ve been a goner:

Bass thumb vs walleye thumb explained.

Show this to a bassin’ buddy that can’t hang [crying-laughing emoji]:

Shots fired, BassBlaster! In all seriousness: it doesn’t matter what you’re fishing for, as long as you’re fishin’

Btw – TW fan Scott Kellogg saw the post and said this is what pike thumb looks like:


Where our ice-fishing pranksters at?!

We’ve all got that one friend…wait until the end….

Yup, that was me (Brett) trying to sneak in a few on-ice ZZZs…12-hr fishing days (back-to-back-to-back) wears a guy out.


1. Lake Erie walleye pop strongest in 20 years.

That’s saying something considering a non-strong Lake Erie population is still a hefty one. Huge crop of keeper-size fish coming up, but you always have a shot at a trophy like this one 12yo Colton Alex caught:

2. IA: Near state-record ‘eye found…

…by the DNR while collecting broodstock on Rathbun Lake. Weighed 12.74 lbs (28.8″) and was released to get even more bigger-er. #Girth

The current record belongs to Gloria Eoriatti’s 14.8-lber (30.5″) caught outta the Des Moines River 1986.

3. MN: Interesting ‘eye-limit poll.

Saw this survey while cruising the social mediaz — it asked:

> Do you favor a statewide MN possession limit of 4 walleye, or the current reg of 6 walleye in possession?

Out of 4.7K votes: 73% said 4 is plenty…while 27% prefer the current 6-fish limit.

Most of the time I keep 1 or 2, or none…so I’d for sure support reducing it to a 4-fish limit if it meant protecting our resource. But that’s easy for someone to say who probably gets to fish more than the average Joe….

4. MB: Fish Futures banquet is tomorrow.

Where they’ll be auctioning off a ton of items including this Steve Nielsen walleye sculpture hammered out of 16ga stainless-steel sheet:

Steve ended up donating over 600 hours of his time [!] to complete this piece. Proceeds will benefit fish- and water-conservation efforts. #Stout

5. MN: Wheeler’s Point access now open.

At the mouth of the Rainy River where it dumps into Lake of the Woods.

6. Mercury National tourney happenin’ Jun 9-10.

250+ teams already registered for this 40th-anniversary tourney on Lake Winnebago. Believe it’s limited to 300 boats, so jump on it if you’re wantin’ to fish.

7. IDO smacked ’em on Mississippi River’s Pool 4.

VMC Neon Moon Eye Jigs on 10-lb Neon Lime Sufix 832 was the ticket:

8. This could become an obsession…

If your a hands-on kind of guy (or gal!) make sure to check out Do-It Molds — they’ve got all the goods to pour your own jigheads, soft-plastics and create your own baits. Awesome way to kill time while waiting for ice-out.

Fish-head Daniel Bosi has his operation dialed-in:

Would love to pour up a few dozen ES Ripper 3.5s myself:

9. Great Lakes: Antidepressants found in fish brains.

> The most commonly detected chemical was norsertraline, which is a metabolite of the active ingredient found in the antidepressant drug Zolof.

Problem is the current waste treatment facilities (everywhere) weren’t designed to handle drugs like this. Best antidepressant I’ve found: getting out and fishing….

10. BMW looking at making diesel outboard.

Bet that will cost a pretty penny….

Have a shot at winning the new Smooth Moves Seats “Air” suspension boat-seat base worth $695! Has a built-in air compressor that activates with the touch of a button…your back will LOVE you. Click here to enter — good luck!!

Headline of the Day

Penn State says wilderness is too risky for outdoors clubs

> The hiking, camping and other outdoors-focused activities the student-led club has long engaged in [for nearly a decade] are too risky, the university’s offices of Student Affairs and Risk Management determined.

Sounds like they just need to upgrade the mandatory uniforms:


Tip of the Day

Full write-up here, few excerpts below:

> Water less than 10′ — and usually only 2 or 3′ — will be best. An 1/8-oz jig head with a 3″ tail is a favorite anywhere that walleyes live. One of the best combos is a Slurp! Jig with a Swim’N Grub body.

> This time of year bright colors are usually better, as the water is usually stained. Use a body color that contrasts with the jig color.

> Swim the jig just above the bottom. It seems like a straight, slow retrieve is most productive most of the time, but also try a slow lift/drop retrieve.

> If walleyes don’t respond…go to a jig and minnow presentation and work it slower, dragging it along the bottom…works best on sand.

> On the rocks: Try using a slip-bobber to suspend the jig above the rocks. Allowing a jig to float just above the bottom — as it works with the current suspended under a bobber — can be a killer presentation.

> A slower presentation is best when walleyes are fussy. The Stand-Up Fire-Ball Jig [lets you] work the bait slowly better than a round-head. When dragging the jig…give it lots of pauses to give finicky walleyes the chance to eat it.

> Minnows remain very visible with the stand-up head…when you pause it. …on a round-head jig they’ll lay flat on the bottom when paused.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Pre-takeoff at last year’s Lund Mania tourney — Al’s “game face” is on point:

Can tell you the only thing I [passenger seat] was thinking in that moment: No matter what…do NOT let Al’s Lund get any dock-rash [nervous-as-heck emoji].

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