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Pike destroys perch vid, 17-lb walleye caught, Canadian ape hangers

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Today’s Top 4

Freakzilla alert! 17-lber caught on the Columbia River!!!

Been seeing some absolute SLOBs caught this season, but Andy “Catches Big Everything” Fiolka just raised the bar:

> “Today I was able to accomplish something I never thought was possible. By the grace of God, I caught a walleye of absolute elite proportions.”

Elite proportions is right — get a load of this 17.19-lb Columbia River, WA freakzilla that dimensioned out at 35″ x 21.5″!

Andy caught (and released!) her trolling a #10 Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk in “pink tiger UV.” Bait looks like this:

Whoops – blaming that one on the Google machinez. Here’s what the bait actually looks like (before teeth marks):

Big shout-out to Andy for releasing the beast!! Imagine how big she’ll be on the next go-around [shocked emoji]…. Look at this thing power off:

More photos right here from different angles. Don’t know what else to say other than:

Congrats brotha!

WTHeck are “Canadian ape hangers?”

Don’t forget the auger extension(s) if you’re heading up to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Here’s why we like to call jacked-up augers “Canadian ape hangers.” #Aggressive

Important side note (no matter where you’re fishing): Make sure you’re “pumping” the auger — to clear the hole of shavings — ’bout every 12″ you drill down…else that hole-cutter might not come back home with you:

Saw in the comments of that Ice Fishing Manitoba post how a guy named Lucky Popovic got his stuck auger back and made a homemade fishwell at the same time:

FishUSA has ION, StrikeMaster and Eskimo extensions in stock — lot harder to find later in the season.

Perch gets absolutely DESTROYED by a pike.

If it were me, I’d be worried that thing was gonna take down the MarCum LX-9 camera next:

Don’t see that everyday.

Fishy signs you should hit the lake on Valentine’s Day.

Usually they say “X marks the spot,” but on Valentine’s Day you wanna look for heart-shaped clues:

Would love to see Tom DeMers hook up with a wally big enough to plug this 16″ heart-shaped hole he has hidden below the Catch Cover:

Hope Manitobans don’t lose any “keepers” since they’ve gotta use barbless hooks:

Rapala found the secret (spot) to our hearts. Would guess that a chrome red Jigging Rap would do the trick:

Skip the flowers — check this lovely arrangement of freshwater shrimp guide Cody Roswick had spew up the hole on Devils Lake, ND:

Cody said the jumbos are taking some finesse right now [maybe ‘cuz they’re chock full o’ shrimps?!], but that they’re on ’em. Best bait for him has been downsizing to 1/16-oz Northland Tungsten UV Fire-Ball Jigs (glo parakeet, glo white and glo rainbow) in 30-40′.

He was out chasin’ walters when I called him up and actually caught two while I was on the phone with him lol. Jealous man, but I’ll be back! Said Northland UV Buck-Shot Spoons (firetiger) and blade baits like the Sebile Vibrato were getting it done.


1. MN: We lost Alan Geisenkoetter Jr.

Alan was the 8yo boy hit by a snowmobile on Chisago Lake while helping his dad set up their portable fish house…passed away a few days later. Here’s the GoFundMe account if you can spare a few. If you’re the prayin’ type, please send a few his family’s way.

2. MN: DNR names new Mille Lacs fisheries advisor.

Tom Heinrich, who was the large lake specialist covering Lake of the Woods.

> “Heinrich begins his new role as the DNR continues efforts to understand and improve a walleye population in Mille Lacs Lake that has undergone a decline over the past 2 decades….”

Hope he has thick skin ‘cuz everyone thinks they know best how “The Big Pond” should be managed. More than a few variables going on over there, like:

> “…significant aquatic system changes including increased water clarity and decreased walleye productivity…the introduction of zebra mussels, Eurasian watermilfoil and spiny water fleas…a changing zooplankton community that may be altering the aquatic food web…and declines in certain forage species, including tullibee.”

3. Great Lakes now 69.1% ice covered.

Only the 2nd time there’s been this much ice cover on the Great Lakes in the last 24 years — the other time was 2014.

Lake Erie was 90.7% covered as of Monday, which is a big deal ‘cuz they don’t always get fish-able ice and they have THESE:

Though wouldn’t all ice be fishable for Ross Robertson since he has an Argo?

4. MN: $20K for the biggest fish caught…

…at the Fishing for Ducks tourney on Mille Lacs Feb 17.

5. MI: Sturgeon “season” lasted 2.5 hours.

On Black Lake. Shut her down when the quota of 7 fish was met:

> The sturgeon fishing hotline was updated at 10:23 am, which officially closed the season. In addition, signal cannons, mortar rounds, fireworks and sirens were used to indicate the season’s end within minutes of the final fish being harvested.

Sounds more like a festival than a season lol.

6. MN: Mid-winter walleye tricks.

Joe Henry does a great job of breaking down different techniques for getting inactive fish to bite. He’s talking Lake of the Woods — where “tough” fishing is still pretty darn good [!] — but these tricks should work anywhere fish are being fussy:

7. Favorite LakeForkGuy rods came in…

…and now they’re sold out. Better keep hittin’ the Favorite website to see when stuff is in ‘cuz it goes crazy fast. Seriously — these rods sold out in 24-ish hours.

8. FishUSA has Okuma spinning reels on sale.

ALL of ’em! Check them out right here.

9. Garmin partners with Arrow Mapping…

…bringing LakeVü HD to paper maps.

10. Yammy trying to resolve large-outboard supply issues.

11. U.S. oil production is up but…

> Analysts expect gas prices could climb another 10 cents by early spring, a gain of almost half a dollar in a year.

Headline of the Day

You can say that again (lol).

Tip of the Day

Brad Hawthorne talks what he calls “second-chomp days,” where panfish are biting the bait but not taking the hook. Need to pause before setting the hook to let ’em take a second chomp on the bait. Went and tried it after watching this vid and it can definitely turn a tough bite around:

I know a few of you who watched the vid are wondering what the deal is with adding “anise oil” to baits…will have more on that later….

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Nicole Stone caught her new PB greenback fishin’ Manitoba’s Lake Winnipeg with a “glow redfish tiger” Northland Tackle Rippin’ Shad. Congrats!

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