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People are already ice fishing, Jigging Rap trick, Teeners of the week

Today’s Top 4

People are already ice fishing.

While you were mowing your yard, Iceaholics Craig Oyler and Chris Peters found fishable ice…in Oct! And they’re nowhere near Santa. Word is they were on some higher-elevation Black Hills, SD gem: #globalwarming

Nicely done, fellas! How spot-on was this caption from Mr. Iceaholic himself:

> Craig: “…finally got it done! Ice fishing in the Black Hills in Oct!! It’s funny that ice fishermen practically become meteorologists this time of year. I had been watching temps for the last few weeks, and after seeing what was forecasted for this week I knew today [10/30/19] would be the day.”

Even NAIFC champ Tony Boshold chimed in on the post, and with a comment a bunch can relate to:

> Tony: “You say finally like it’s Jan and you live in IL….”

Lol! Okay so we all might have a little ice-envy going on, but deep down inside we’re happy for you two.

Btw wanted to say a big thank YOU for wearing safety picks ’round your neck….

Teeners of the week!

Bobby Beaton thwacked one that stretched 5-6″ LONGER than his 30″ ruler [!] and weighed 15 lbs! Caught pitching 3/8- to 1/2-oz jigs with Berkley PowerBait 4″ Minnows or 5″ Jerk Shads into the current seams around an eddy on the South Saskatchewan River:

His buddy Mike Engler got in on the fun just a few days later — duplicating the same technique on a new stretch of river — landed a 33″ (12-07) freakazoid:

I would say to keep doing what you’re doing, fellas (lol).

Some fishy shots that caught my eye.

1) Riley Doering (@theimpatientfisherman) snuck into Jurassic Park again, aka the Rainy River. Wicked snap:

2) Anyone else mount a unit in the back of the boat, so you can watch your rods and the graph at the same time? Sweet idea — posted by JB’S Fishing Depot:

3) Brandon Owczarzak and @jiggingaddicts are just over there playing Battleship on the Saginaw River…catching belly-draggers on the not-out-yet Salmo Walleye Shad soft plastics. #Hit

4) Aliens don’t exi-

Sweet shot of the 13 Fishing Coconut Crabs lookin’ like tasty fish-catchers….

5) Ryan King’s been playing peak-a-boo with Mississippi River slaunches. Weather’s been cold, but pitching B-Fish-N Tackle H20 Jigs and AuthentX Pulse-Rs is hot:

6) Little throwback to when TW fan Tim Bossert got himself a muskie-bait walleye on WI’s Holcombe Flowage:

> Saw some nice marks on the screen…decided to jig with a big “walleye” color plastic. Dropped down in 15′ right under the transducer…mark showed just under my bait and I felt the THUMP. Set the hook and couldn’t believe what rolled at the surface! Definitely my PB.

Filthy good!

DC wants to know how to get more people fishin’….

[Refrain from making 17 political jokes right here]

One key, according to an RBFF (Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation) research study, is to:

> “…support and expand urban fishing programs. Bring the fishing experience directly to growing populations of Americans.”

Which would be cool seein’ as not everyone has access to a boat — one reason I think ice fishing’s as popular as it is…. #MakeShoreFishingGreatAgain

Speaking of urban fishing…slightly off topic ‘cuz it’s in Canada, but came across some cool pics of Jack Bell (@therealfishingthe6ix) fishing right in downtown Toronto — some even had the 1,815-ft [!] CN Tower in the background. Has a boat there but rides the subway to fish from the docks around town too = #diehard

Jack first-casted this one with a Z-Man Chatterbait Freedom CFL in 25′:

Know some of you are thinking: “Really…. A dang Chatterbait in 25’…?” But Jack ain’t no scrub — the Z-Man Chatterbait Freedom CFL is actually designed to stay down in deep water:

Keep after ’em, dude!


1. Whatcha think about BRP/Evinrude’s Project Ghost?

Now you see it…now you don’t:

Few snippets from BRP’s Oct 29 analyst and investor meeting presentation (pdf):

> Delivering a better boating experience by designing for the first time an integrated outboard engine and boat product for consumers delivered from factory.

> Increased deck space due to unique architecture.

> Outboard completely out of sight.

> Leveraging our know-how and innovation from the PWC [jet ski] industry.

Definitely interesting, but will always love me some big ol’ ponies hanging off the back….

2. MN: Ely man caught with 74 walleyes in his freezer.

The way this write-up reads, doesn’t sound like they think they did anything wrong…’cuz they’re “generous people” and give a lot of fish away….

3. ND: ‘Eyes should be snappin’ on Devils Lake this winter.

> …overall walleye numbers in test nets this summer averaged 26.1 per net, compared with a long-term average of 21 per net.

Loads of 13-15″ fish thanks to solid 2016, 2017 and 2018 year classes.

Of course you have a decent shot at sticking a 13-15″ jumbo perch of a lifetime too, which is what about 90% of people who head to Devils are after….

4. Garmin had record Q3 results…again.

These margins are really good:

> …revenue of $934 million, which was a 15% increase over the prior year quarter. All of the company’s segments — aviation, fitness, outdoor and marine — collectively increased 24% over the prior year quarter.

> The company had a gross margin of 60.7%, compared to 59.4% in the prior year, with an operating margin of 28%.

5. Rapala’s restructuring in other parts of the world.

6. Just realized Humminbird makes a 12v DC plug…

…for HELIX units:

Their website is sold out, but worth keeping an eye out at local dealers for you fellas/ladies that would wanna run a GPS w/ LakeMaster in your truck, UTV, ATV, sled, you name it….

‘Nother option is the Humminbird FishSmart phone app = gets ya HD LakeMaster maps right on your smartphone or tablet. Costs some $$$, but crazy detailed if you’ve got a favorite lake(s):

7. MD: Exelon will pay $200 mil for Conowingo dam impacts.

Funding various projects over a 50-year spread:

> …intended to rebuild eel, mussel and migratory fish populations in the Susquehanna River and to reduce nutrient and sediment pollution flowing down the river into the Upper Bay.

8. Guess zeebz are a problem in England too.

9. Frabill Trophy Haul nets are a finalist for…

…Fast Company’s Best Product Design of 2019. Not just fishin’ stuff, goin’ up against products from Microsoft, Adidas, Google, etc. Check out the Trophy Hauler net here.

10. AFTCO’s gotta new tackle brand manager.

Headline of the Day

Carpentry co. run by homeless shelter builds custom ice shacks.

Catapult = a construction company run by Outflow, the organization behind the men’s shelter in Saint John (New Brunswick, CAN):

> “We actually train and employ people who have barriers to employment, whether it be during recovery from drug addiction or if they’ve been incarcerated or have some learning challenges.

> “Every dollar spent that goes through our construction and furniture shop is going to help change lives.” Highlights

Tip of the Day

Feathered trebles aren’t just for jerkbaits…. Crazy as it sounds, I’ve had days where adding one onto a Jigging Rap outfishes the same bait 8:1 = great way to tick off your fishin’ buddy (lol). Lot more on the where + why in this chilly vid:

Meme of the Day

Saw a hilarious truck meme on Sea Foam’s Instagram page and had to snipe it. Anyone else have a Lund that’ll always be their first born? Lol:

Always a sad day when they need to be tucked in for their loooong winter nap…but I’m still trying to keep mine up past its bedtime here in central MN….

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Big congrats to Nicole Stone on her new PB walldawg! Snatched outta the Rainy River soaking 3/4-oz flasher jigs in 16′ along current breaks:

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