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Jet boat walleyes, Custom painted errythang, “S” curve postspawners

Everybody welcome Sea Foam back to Target Walleye! We’ve been using it for years and of course put a zillion hard miles on everything we use — big thanks to them for keeping us running smooth!

Sea Foam has a new Marine PRO product designed just for marine engines — hope you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some! Cleans and lubricates your motor, helps prevent corrosion caused by ethanol and water, and stabilizes tank fuel up to 2 years!!

They’ve got a mega Boat Sweepstakes going on where they’re giving away a Lund 1775 Adventure Sport with a Mercury 90hp ELPT motor — more info here.

Today’s Top 4

“That tequila sunrise has saved my bacon on the river so many times.”

That’s IDO’s James Holst NOT talking about this kind of “tequila sunrise” (lol):

He’s talkin’ about the “tequila sunrise” color B-Fish-N Tackle AuthentX Ringworm — an old-school color that works especially well in off-color water or on gloomy days. Why? ‘Cuz darker colors create a more noticeable silhouette, yet still look natural = [fire emoji] for fussy coldwater fish:

Had ’em rigged on light 1/8-oz VMC Neon Moon Eye Jigs to start the day ’til air and water temps rose. Bumped up to the 1/4-oz size and brighter AuthentX Moxis once the fish got more aggressive.

Almost forgot to mention they were fishing some hard-to-get-to areas on Devils Lake, ND using their new jet boat. Seriously! Full In-Depth Outdoors vid here. #BuckleUp

Do custom-painted baits get bit more?

They’re purrrrrtty, but do they actually help you catch more (or bigger) fish? Maybe. Sometimes you’ve gotta show ’em something they haven’t already seen 1,000 times. Here’s a few custom-painted baits that almost look too cool to throw…

Rapala Rippin’ Raps might be the most custom-painted walleye bait out there, and Dane Heid (head honcho at veteran-owned DH Custom Baits) has perfected turning ’em into walleye desserts:

These @dkingofimagez creations appear to be cold blooded:

Sharin’ this Trickles Tackle done Rapala Shadow Rap ‘cuz it looks downright fishy…especially those bleeding racin’ stripes on a bait that’s already a cold-water [bomb emoji]:

What came first: The chicken walleye or the egg?

Couple cool shots sent in by TW fan Christopher Hammond from a northern NY hatchery. Little buggers are still in their birthday suits:

Thought he was talking about the Oneida Hatchery, but turns out it’s a non-profit organization called St. Lawrence Valley Sportsman Club. So a BIG thanks to those guys and gals:

So this is why 475-lb braided line is a thing…

As seen by author Vivian Barz (@vivianbarz) in Mobridge, SD:



1. WI: Green Bay NWT happenin’ May 30-31.

> Tom Keenan: “This one is going to be fun. There’s a combination of 2 factors at play. One is that there are no alewives to contend with, and 2 is that the fish are post-spawn and ready to eat. If the weather is good, it’s almost like a perfect scenario.

> “For true quality, Green Bay is probably the best fishery in the Midwest. Erie will be back in a few years, but right now, Green Bay is at the peak. It has little fish, big ones and giants.”

Lots of cool insight here from Gary Parsons and Tom Keenan.

2. Some fresh NWT stats…

….from walleye-nut John Balla coming off the Lake Winnebago qualifier. Click the pic to make it bigger:

3. ND 16.5-lber not technically a record?

Might remember this freak of a fish from a couple weeks back — ND Game & Fish now says:

> “…based on evidence provided, department officials have concluded the fish was foul-hooked, and therefore cannot be recognized as a state record.”

But the guy who caught it has evidence of his own to the contrary — crazy how things can get outta hand….It’s A FISH!

4. MN: Walleye tagging study happenin’ in Meeker County.

> Fisheries crews tagged 1,800 walleyes on Lake Washington, Lake Manuella and Stella Lake as part of a walleye population estimate and creel study.

> “It’s a simple process to notify our office about the tagged fish; the office phone number and tag number are etched on the tags, and anglers can keep the tag.”

5. MT: Speaking of tagged walleyes…

Obviously that’s something that needs to be left to the professionals. FWP has found multiple illegally-tagged waldos (with zip ties) in the Missouri River. Causin’ damage + open sores to the fish, plus a ton of confusion:

6. MN: 2020 Gov’s Fishing Opener coming to…

…Otter Tail County. Lookin’ forward to it, that’s a super-fishy area.

7. LakeMaster has new MN chips out.

Includes 340 newly-mapped lakes, 241 new HD lake maps, and 37 resurveyed HD lakes. #Dibs #SpotOnTheSpot

Same news release also does a good job of breaking down the differences between: LakeMaster vs LakeMaster PLUS vs SmartStrike vs Contour Elite.

Case you didn’t know, KastKing is waaaay more than just rods and reels…. Waterproof dry bags, tackle bags/boxes/backpacks, line, braid scissors, pliers, scales, nets, you name it:

…for walleye, massive cats, freshwater drum and carp…’cuz everything’s bigger in Texas Manitoba.

…are out now from the AMSOIL crew.

11. What’s Salmo got up their sleeves?

New baits coming this summer. Whatever they are, looks like they catch #FutureFishTacos

Tip of the Day

“S” troll to dial in early-season walleyes.

From Will Nalley:

> Finding fish is the primary focus during the early season and can be achieved by using an effective trolling program to identify key areas of lakes and rivers.

> Walleye will hold on key structural elements on their way to and from spawning areas. In lakes, these areas may be a rocky tapering point or finger adjacent to a bay leading to a spawning river. In rivers, the outside turns and mid-river humps can hold numbers of fish.

> To cover these structural elements early I like to employ a long-line trolling program using the Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Walleye Deep Diver. …I choose one white color like ‘white wonderbread’ and one dark color like ‘Zombie’ to start my search pattern.

> The 5.25″ Crystal Minnow dives 10-13′ with about 100′ of 10-lb mono. By using 30-lb Yo-Zuri Superbraid I can get an extra 2-4′ of depth with approximately 175-200′ of line behind the boat (depends on current).

> On the business end I always add a 6-8′ section of Yo-Zuri TopKnot fluorocarbon which adds the invisibility factor and the highest level of abrasion resistance. I connect the two lines using back-to-back uni knots.

> When possible, I always troll in an ‘S’ pattern keeping my speed between 0.6-1.0 mph When you get bit, note whether the line was on the ‘inside’ or the ‘outside’ of the ‘S’ pattern. If you caught fish on the ‘inside’ this tells you the slower trolling speed is triggering fish. …on the ‘outside’ of the ‘S’, the fish are responding to a slightly faster presentation.

> Using your GPS…repeat the same trolling pattern by following your GPS trail, or double back and use your sounder to isolate the productive piece of structure, and make a vertical presentation with a jig, or put the Yo-Zuri Vibe to work with a slow and deliberate yo-yo-ing presentation.

Quote of the Day

“You got something in your teeth, bud.”

– Caption from this sick Jake Billings shot of an angry SD walleye with a “fire tiger” Storm WildEye Swim Shad shoved in its teeth like a popcorn kernel:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Brett Mauler (@brettmauler) bagged himself the fish of a lifetime with this 30″ x 19″ [!] corn-fed Nebraskan he caught on a Rapala Shallow Shad Rap. Impressive fish anywhere, dude!

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