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The best walleye and ice fishing pics, tips, gear hacks, and news year round
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Today’s Top 5

The ultimate reaction bite for fall walleye. 💥

It’s Jigging Rap SZN! The ultimate reaction bite, and in my opinion one of the most satisfying (and efficient) ways to catch a walleye. Of course they bite it all year long…but things have gotten extra silly since water temps have dipped into the 50s.


This video breaks down the locations I’m finding walleyes at right now in central MN, a rundown of my Jigging Rap setup and cadences for fall walleyes. Hope you enjoy!

All of the gear I used (sizes, weights, rod, reel, you name it) is always linked in the video’s description. 👊 Thanks SO much for watching!

Dropshot tricks for fall walleye fishing. 🎯

Don’t put those dropshots away quite yet…they’re a simple and efficient way to keep your minnow (small suckers or redtails) right in front of a walleye’s face and know it’s fishing in the strike zone the whole time:

CRUSHING shallow fall walleye on jigs and minnows.

Rigging big minnows + slinging Jigging Raps = gets all the glory in fall ‘cuz it’s THE ultimate 1-2 punch…but there’s a 3rd uppercut you need to have in your fall walleye fishing rotation. 👀 Those shallow fish always seem to be getting overlooked:

The newest “Top 5” video! 🎥🍿

In case you missed it on YouTube over the weekend, here’s episode 59. Hope you enjoy! 👊 And props to our friends at Sea Foam for making these videos possible:


1. Survey shows Americans spent $394 billion in 2022…


…participating in fishing, hunting and wildlife. 🤑


2. OR: Dude got paid over $100K for catching non-native fish!


Called northern pikeminnow, and there’s a bounty program meant to knock down the species to help salmon in the Columbia River:


> …pays anglers for each northern pikeminnow that they catch that is 9” or larger. Rewards range from $6 to $10 per fish, and special tagged fish are worth $500.


> One angler finished the 2023 Northern Pikeminnow Sport Reward Program with plenty of dough in their bank account. According to catch data, the top angler in the program caught and removed 10,127 pikeminnow, earning $101,520 in bounties. The next best angler nearly reached six figures, earning $98,510 for 9,786 fish.




3. B.A.S.S. will be evaluating FFS closely.


It’s a long announcement, but here’s a few snippets:


> …B.A.S.S. is creating a committee to continuously monitor the use of forward-facing and live sonar, listen to angler feedback and gauge the technology’s impact on competition, fan experience and bass populations.


> A review of onboard technology being used by each Elite Series angler will be conducted by tournament staff at the beginning of the 2024 season, with subsequent surveys of the top 10 following each Elite event.


> B.A.S.S. VP of tourneys and derbys Chris Bowes: “B.A.S.S. takes our role as a steward of the sport seriously. Like all sports, to preserve the integrity of competition, we do have to periodically update rules. However, it was important to our organization to use data gathered across an entire season to evaluate technology.”


> …every Elite Series angler’s boat will be inspected by B.A.S.S. staff, with staff noting a variety of details including the number and placement of all transducers, number and size of screens on the bow and dash and the batteries each angler is running.


> As the season progresses, an additional survey of the Top 10 anglers at each event will also cover the percentage of practice and competition time spent using live sonar and the positioning of transducers used most prevalently during the event.


> That data will be reported to the committee alongside information such as catch rates and tournament weights to paint a more accurate picture of the technology’s significance to the competitive landscape of bass fishing.


> B.A.S.S. conservation director Gene Gilliland will be closely monitoring live sonar’s impact on 2024 events and will communicate with state wildlife agencies….


> …during the 2024 season, rapid innovations will demand continuous evaluation, and [B.A.S.S.] will have to be prepared to make future adjustments accordingly.


4. Soooo Bassmaster let AI (artificial intelligence) expand the headshots…


…of several pros and the results were hilarious:

Obviously we are gonna need to do that with some walleye pros. 😂

I whipped up a couple to hold you off in the meantime…. Here’s John Hoyer (left) and Tony Roach (right) in their natural habitats:

Now here’s what AI kicked out, and it did not disappoint LOL:

You KNOW I’ll be playing around with this a bunch more soon. 😅


5. SD: Dakota Angler Ice Institute seminar lineup = stacked.


One of the biggest and baddest ice shows in the nation – with over 100 vendors – just announced their killer lineup of free ice-fishing seminars:

Happening Nov 10-12 at the Sioux Falls Arena & Convention Center. More info here.


6. 🥶: Ever forgot your ice cleats at home?


Then you get to do that awkward shuffle out to the spot lol. 🐧


I just saw that Norfin has boots specifically designed for ice fishing (these ones are called the Klondike 2) that have retractable ice cleats built right into ‘em – how cool is that?!

I’m thinking I need to get a pair – let me know if you’ve tried them….


7. This little tungsten panfish treat = on 🔥 the last few seasons.


The Eurotackle Z-Viber Micro is just 0.6″ (about the length of a dime) yet still weighs 1/16 oz thx to an internal tungsten weight system:

8. Fish House Nation Podcast did an ice-show preview.


> “We dig deep into some of the best ice fishing shows in the Upper Midwest with Jon Marshall from Marshall & Hanson Sales & Marketing. Jon works with brands like Eskimo, Ion, MarCum, and more.”


9. MN: Tuned Up Custom Rods “open house” is Sat, Oct 28.


From 10am – 4pm in Coon Rapids:


> “Tour the shop, chat with the pros, enter raffles, see how our rods are made, and view part of the build process.


> “We will have a large selection of rods ready to purchase, as well as reels and apparel, with some great deals to be found!


> “Come meet Tuned Up Pros Brad Hawthorne and Nick Lindner, as well as other top guides, pro-staff, and rod builders.


10. MN: 3rd Annual North Metro Ice Show, Oct 28-29.


At the Adrenaline Sports Center in Ramsey. Believe I first heard about this show when I stumbled across this Alex Timm YouTube video doing a walkthrough of the top portables from a portable ice fishing shack competition – thought you might get a kick out of some of these mods:

Bunch of good excuses to hide in the garage for the next few weeks. 🙈


11. ND: G&F released 1K sturgeon into Pembina River.


12. MI: Arctic grayling being stocked in several U.P. lakes.


As soon as this fall folks will be able to catch ’em in MI waters for the first time since they vanished in 1936!


13. Rapala Slab Rap got 4 new colors.

FishUSA has ‘em all in stock right now. 👊

Tip of the Day

How Tony Roach ice-fishes with Jigging Raps.


We’ve talk a lot about using Rapala Jigging Raps for open-water ‘eyes, but they also make killer hardwater baits. Of course there’s more than one way to fish ’em, but here’s Tony Roach’s take coming at you in a quick-hitting fashion:


> His go-to bait summer and winter…but usually downsizes to a #5 on ice.


> Fishes it really aggressive (as fast as he can!) to get fish interested. Darts off to the sides of the hole and covers a much larger area.


> Slows the bait down as soon as he graphs a fish, but still keeps the bait aggressive and moving.


> Doesn’t tip it with a minnow head…says it can screw up the action.


> Likes 6-lb mono since it doesn’t hold moisture and freeze up like braid.


> Clear-water or high-sun days Tony likes using colors like yellow perch or blue chrome.


> In stained water or low-light conditions he uses brighter colors.


Ready or not, it’s coming…. 🥶🕳️


I’ve got one more rapid-fire…make sure you own the “Helsinki Shad” color!

Meme of the Day

Probably the worst thing you can say in the moment…but a question that HAS to be answered hahaha. From @mysterytacklebox on insta:

I could easily make this into a meme of my buddies hitting me up after I repeatedly get crushed in our fantasy football matchups. 🙄 Been a rough year!

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

If hardwater walleyes ever figured out how to use Instagram 🤳 and could post a pic of their meal before they ate it, I think it’d look something like this:

Those treats are Clam’s revamped Rattlin’ PT Spoons. 🥵


> “The same slicing, fluttering action and loud rattles of the famous Rattlin’ Blade Spoon but taken to the next level! The Rattlin’ PT Spoon has two stainless steel bearings that click and clack inside their pyrex-glass housing. Lifelike features and a vibrant, strong, painted treble hook lures fish in and entices them to be your next catch! Don’t just hope a fish notices your presentation; make the fish notice it with the loudest lure you can drop through a hole.”

Parting Shot

I guess Kevin Fox (@foxfishing4k) is busting out all of the tricks for these golden treats on Georgian Bay, ON. 😅

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