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Dude where’s my car, What is MaxScent, Boley speed jigging vid

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Dude where’s there’s my car!

Earlier this spring, Matthew Peluf posted screenshots from his Humminbird HELIX 10 of a couple vehicles he found in Mississippi River’s Pool 2 near South St. Paul (yes, he reported it to authorities):


Now 8-ish months later, Ryan Repke happened to be driving by as they were pulling 1 of the vehicles out — guess we know which one they snagged first:


Know at least a couple fellers that’ll be upgrading their units after seeing this:

Fish-flop Friday is back!

Shout-out to Amber Serbin (@amberfishhh) for catching her new PB ‘eye on the fly! Got thrown into this epic mud wrestling competition right after — she won:


Taylor’s (@outdoorsinsider) Chesapeake Bay retriever, Barley, mentioned earlier in the day he wanted some fast food…


This was no accident, but @canadiancoanglers’s David Blaine impression is on point:


Martin P. was looking for a hero shot…got a zander uppercut instead:


Might look flat calm but that didn’t stop this Devils Lake, ND chunk from making some waves for Tanner Cherney:


TONS of other hilarious pics to scroll through at the #FishFlopFriday hashtag on Instagram, or click the slippery preview below — the facial expressions always get me rollin’ lol:

What’s the deal with Berkley MaxScent?

If you’ve been following any of the recent bassin’ tourneys, you know that Berkley PowerBait MaxScent baits (specifically the sold-out-EVERYWHERE Flat Worm) have been absolutely killing it…! To the point where even pros that aren’t sponsored by Berkley are publicly admitting to using the stuff on tourney day.

Really got me thinking that I NEED to try some of this stuff for walleyes…’cuz if any fish is gonna be picky about what they eat — or don’t — it’s them. And when legit science is mixed with fishing, the only one not winning is the fish lol:


Was reading Jay Kumar’s BassBlaster email the other day (the bass-fishing version of Target Walleye) and came across an interesting Q&A. He got Berkley scentmaster Mark Sexton on the ringer and picked his brain about what makes MaxScent tick. Full write-up here, few excerpts from their exchange below:

Q: What exactly is MaxScent, and how is it different from regular PowerBait and Gulp?

> “PowerBait is PVC plastic [like I believe all soft-plastics]. We learned how to flavor PVC plastic in the ’80s and it turned out to be really good. Gulp is a water-based material…literally dissolves in the water. If you leave it in long enough…it’s gone.

> “MaxScent is a type of PVC very similar to PowerBait, but it can accept some liquid [scent] and doesn’t dry out like Gulp. …[scent] put into MaxScent isn’t that different than PowerBait [but how MaxScent baits are made] puts it into the water so much faster…draws fish.

> “Remember those pieces of gum where you bite it and you get quick shot of liquid in your mouth? It’s like that…a way better tool.”

Q: Okay sounds like MaxScent is similar to PowerBait and similar to Gulp. So why is it so good — or better?

> “MaxScent allows attractants to come out of the bait way faster. We figured out a way to make the construction [of the MaxScent baits] different to make the flavorants come out of the bait faster.”

Q: What are the flavorants designed to do?

> “We’ve gone through 50,000 different chemicals and mixtures of all of them, and we’ve figured out what [fish are] actually attracted to.

> “Can they sense it — do they notice flavor in the water, if so do they find it positive, neutral, or negative. The first thing is smell. It has to attract them, and when they taste it that has to be positive. If it’s negative, you’re done — they spit it out and you don’t catch them.

> “Over the years we’ve plodded our way through…we’ve figured out what they like. It’s like grandma making the best cornbread on Earth — over the years she perfects it. That’s what we’ve done.”

Q: How does the scent disperse and what is the pattern?

> “It depends on water temperature, depth and salinity…how far the smell will go. If you have any current or moving water, that scent will travel a long way. …fish can smell better than any bird dog: If 2 molecules hit their nose 100 yards away, they go seeking. All they do is swim and eat.

> “We study all 5 senses, and smell is the first thing they rely on. Bass chasing a school of shad…they can smell them before they can feel or see them.

> “…fish secrete all sorts of stuff. Bass get used to associating that [scent] with food. Smells get the bass close to the bait — then it uses other senses to finish the deal. And we understand all of that.”

Yup, I’m gonna have to play around with ’em for those stubborn walleyes….

Funny enough, I was cruising the interwebz trying to find somewhere (anywhere!) that had MaxScent stuff in stock and came across a video from Dave Mercer smallie fishing on Lake Erie where they accidentally caught a huuuuge walleye. Oh, and Dave’s hilarious Al Lindner impression is probably worth the watch alone lol:


The “Godfather of Ice Fishing,” Dave Genz, is rocking a beard!


Lol love it, man! Hopefully that means it’s going to be a real cold winter….

But the real story is that it’s been 40 years [!!!] since Dave completely changed the sport of ice fishing with the creation of the original Fish Trap flip-over shack.

To celebrate, Clam’s kickin’ out some killer throwback shacks this season. Here’s a sneak peak at the 40th Anniversary Edition Scout XL Thermal — next to one of the first ones Dave sold, and behind a massive ‘gill:


Will be 3 different models/sizes of the limited-edition shacks. Retro look, but with all the technology and features of the modern Clam fish houses:

More info and a video here.


1. NWT: Live weigh-in at “The Soo” happening right now.

Can watch it live right here, or refresh the leaderboard as folks roll in.

2. MN: DNR’s got a new plan to grow bigger walleyes.

Proposed walleye management plan for Island Lake near Duluth. Guess it’s chock full of walleyes, but they average just 12″ long — sorta like stunted bluegills — so check this out:

> …the 10,800-acre lake has more walleyes than it can biologically support, especially a surplus of small fish. The infertile lake has limited food for fish…makes walleyes in the lake grow slower than any other lake in the region.

> …wants to let anglers keep up to 10 walleyes per day under 15″ with no minimum size limit. That’s an extra 4 fish per day more…than anywhere else in the state.

> …proposal includes a slot limit requiring anglers to release all walleyes between 15-20″. …could keep 1 walleye over 20″ long….

> In addition to lack of food…walleyes may be impacted by spiny water fleas. In 1990 Island Lake was the 1st lake in MN confirmed with the invasive species and it appears walleye growth has slowed even more since they arrived….

> Spiny water fleas are 1 reason [the DNR] has proposed introducing coldwater cisco into the lake. …cisco could thrive, especially in the coolwater deep zones of the reservoir. Cisco eat spiny water fleas. And cisco also would provide very hardy, high-calorie meals for walleyes and likely spur walleye growth rates.

Of course there’s LOTS of moving parts before this could ever happen, but no doubt super-interesting stuff.

…you know they 1) can straight-up crush fish…especially on the Mississippi River, and 2) can be nearly impossible to get thx to trapping restrictions/bans.

Guy named Eric Ingvalson started a company called Liquid Willowcat — they make liquid scent “from wild-harvested, fresh-ground preserved willowcats” and plastics to mimic the real thing:


How cool is that? Lot more interesting info on how/why the company got started in this write-up. Dude said that the biggest drawback so far is how well the stuff works…’cuz people wanna keep it a secret lol.

4. MI: DNR investigating Escanaba River fish kill…

…affecting a dozen species, including walleye, near the Verso Corp paper plant:

> The mill reported last week that a ruptured pipe had impacted the mill’s wastewater treatment plant…. The pipe failure has been corrected and outflowing water quality is improving, with test results pending.”

5. WI: Minocqua Chain natural walleye reproduction still an issue.

6. CAN: Tackle retailer Canadian Tire killed it in Q2.

Their stores were closed but still:

> …its digital and e-commerce business…reached CN$600m in the quarter, far exceeding its full-year digital sales in 2019.

7. MN: Dude charged with bribing conservation officers.

After he was caught over the limit on Lake of the Woods. Couple lines from this write-up:

> …said he had three $100 bills, 1 for each officer, and took the bills out of his wallet….

> …wanted to give the officers a “little Christmas bonus” to let them go….

8. IL food distributor plans to offer Asian carp.

Trying to reduce their #s in the Illinois River:

> “We are talking about 15-20 mil lbs a year and that would help reduce the numbers and also less risk of them getting to the Great Lakes.”

9. MN: Trapper’s Landing Lodge on Leech Lake is hiring.

For their ice team and marina attendant positions.

10. PSA: Buck Knives is having some sick specials!

Also a couple staff changes at Buck:

> Chris Bourassa will assume the role of director of marketing and new product development..spent the past 8 years with Buck Knives as national sales manager and most recently director of North American sales….

> Chris Brooks will assume the role of director of business development…has spent the past 2 decades in the cutlery industry logging time with Kershaw Knives, Southern Grind and nearly 3 years with Buck Knives.

11. DC: Sportfish hatcheries can now get federal Corona $$. Highlights

Tip of the Day

His “bread and butter” from now until turnover:

Make sure you’re snapping that ACME Hyper Rattle on a slack line to get the best action out of it = less glidey and more erratic.

Quote of the Day

“…he was just swimming around in circles and dunking down every now and then. Normally when you approach an animal like that, it will try to get away from you, avoid you….”

They’re not talking ’bout your uncle at the last family reunion….


That’s Steve Morin talking about saving a drowning bull moose they spotted struggling on Lake Superior. Not something you see everyday, unless maybe you live in Manitoba lol.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

If you haven’t heard of Walleye Wars = 24 of the best SK sticks are going head-to-head the month of Aug, and the longest walleye caught gets a $5K payday.

Steve Taylor just set the bar freakishly high with this 82 cm (32.28″) giant:


Just announced a few hours ago — will be a Walleye Wars II (Sept 3-10) and Walleye Wars III (Oct 9 – Nov 1) coming up if you’re interested in giving it a shot. Crazy payouts for the super-reasonable entry fees.

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