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Dash mounted graphs, Albino sauger caught, Who walks to tip-ups?

Today’s Top 4

Are you THIS hardcore on ice?    

Ice-nut James Patterson guides with Blackwater Cats Outfitter and spends most of his winter dialin’ fish in on Manitoba’s greenback-infested Lake Winnipeg. Pulled his 12″ Lowrance Elite Ti-2 unit off his boat and slapped it on the dash of his truck with a RAM Mount. Dude is ready to rip — love it:


Yup you’re seeing that right…company called Angler’s Edge Mapping has got a Lake Winnipeg and Red River map chip designed to work with Lowrance units — sells for just 99 bones. They have other CAN chips too — can check ’em all out here.

Did some digging on Angler’s Edge Mapping (cool dudes!) and thought it was pretty freakin’ schweet that if you buy a chip, you have the option to upgrade it down the road for far less $$$ than having to go out and buy a new one. Awesome idea ‘cuz it seems like they’re constantly being updated with new data and surveys.

Btw there’s more structure scattered ’round that “bowl” than you’d think:


Clearly James Patterson has been putting it to good use:

Speakin’ of graphed-out ice rides…   

James Patterson (^ #1 up top) isn’t the only one ridin’ dirty on ice…

…Aaron Anderson has a Lowrance HDS-12 sittin’ shotgun in his SnoBear:


Lake Erie guide Ross Robertson doubled-down on ‘Birds in his Argo — which is basically a UTV that turns into a boat when it hits water, or breaks through the ice:


Chad Lennander slapped one on the dash:


Sorta looks like Mason Kuznia has two windshields on his sled lol:


So, who’s gonna be the first to slap a graph on this Harley hole-hopper?

Is this an albino sauger??  

Walleye tourney dude Robert Bauer was spending some father-son time on NoDak ice when his kiddo caught what I think is an albino sauger — said it had super-faint dots on its dorsal fin:

No one’s EVER walked slower towards a “popped” tip-up…   

…than Matthew McConaughey in this Lincoln Aviator commercial LOL:

Usually looks more like a WWE battle royale when someone yells “flag!”


1. MN: Massive burbot caught on Lake of the Woods…

…earlier this week out of Cyrus Resort. Fish went 36″ — wowza:


Believe 5 of the last 7 record burbs (since 1980) have come from Lake of the Woods — on my fishing bucket list to target ’em there one of the days….

Brent Getzler iced the current state record 2 years ago with this 19.67-lb belly-dragger he caught north of Pine Island in about 26′ on a deadstick:

2. MT: New walleye and perch regz on Holter Rez……south of Great Falls started Jan 1. Numbers were way down based on annual fall monitoring so:

> Walleye: Now 5 daily (only 1 > 25″) and the possession limit is twice the daily limit [was 10 daily with possession limit being 2x the daily limit].

> Yellow perch: Now 25 daily and in possession [was 50 daily with no possession limit].

3. ND G&F has a bunch of free contour maps on their site.

They either added or improved 20+ lakes.

4. MI has an interactive shipwreck map.

Hmmmm…. Believe it’s designed for scuba divers. Wonder if there’s any rules ’bout losing Rapala Rippin’ Raps or Shiver Minnows at the wrecks lol…

Lot more info here otherwise they do have a web app, too.

5. MN: Free take a kid fishing weekend, Jan 18-20.

> …residents age 16 or older can fish or dark-house spear without an angling or spearing license if they take a child younger than 16 fishing or spearing.

6. Big Rock will buy Maurice…again…sort of?Here’s the CliffsNotes summary from the last BassBlaster email:

> In Oct 2017 distributor Big Rock Sports offered to buy financially troubled Canadian distributor Maurice Sporting Goods, then withdrew that offer. Now Big Rock’s owner Peak Global Holdings LLC has a letter of intent to acquire Maurice.

7. MN: SMSU Mustang Ice Classic, Lake Sarah, Feb 15.

Fishin’ for $10K+ in prizes and the derby also raises scholarship dollars for SMSU students.

8. Special deal on NFT Cherry Picker ice rods.

Northland’s got a deal running right now (limited time) where you buy a Cherry Picker ice rod and get a reel for free! Just need to add the rod to your cart and it will automatically throw you a free Team Northland Reel.

The Cherry Picker comes in 24″ and 28″, and 4 different colors. High-viz tip, lightweight fly guides, rubberized grip and reel seat = custom lookin’/feelin’ rod without the custom price tag ($59.99):

> Crappie and Bluegill anglers who love noodle actions but hate wet-noodle hooksets [lol] will flock to the Cherry Picker and its ultra-fast action. Detect bites and still be able to bite back with a discernible backbone yet detailed styling. Custom color patterns and a Northland grip handle….

9. MI: $25 mil proposed to restore Kalamazoo River.

10. WA: Someone hit a Coast Guard helicopter…

…with a “red laser light…Fri at 10:23 pm as the crew was flying a mission NW of Bremerton.” It’s a big deal — felony crime — ‘cuz:

> Laser pointers can cause great danger to aircrews due to glare, afterimage, flash blindness, or temporary loss of night vision. If a laser is shined in the eyes of an aircrew member, Coast Guard flight rules dictate that the aircraft must abort its mission.

11. DC: Senate passes America’s Conservation Enhancement Act.

> The ACE Act includes: lead fishing tackle protections, fish habitat restoration programs, and conservation programs/research about the Chesapeake Bay and Great Lakes.

12. The invasive species guild is preparing for battle…

…to “help defend our national parks and public lands from invasive species.”

Okay, I made up the “guild” part…but here’s who’s teaming up:

> “Wildlife Forever, the North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA), National Park Service, and US Fish and Wildlife Service have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enhance coordination of invasive species prevention messaging across public lands and waters.

> “This MOU signifies the critical importance of conservation partnerships in the fight against invasive species. This is a major step forward in providing greater coordination and implementation of programs that empower the public and prevent the spread of invasive species.”

Headline of the Day

PA’s Conococheague Creek:

> Eric Grace: “When spring hit, we went down and got into the creek to show her the crayfish and minnows. …you couldn’t see anywhere where there wasn’t trash. I really didn’t want my kid in there. We went to a different spot — the same thing.

> “The more trash I saw, I did what everybody else does — say, ‘Why isn’t somebody doing something about this?’. About 2 weeks later it hit me, so I did something about it.”

And that’s how the Franklin County Creek Cleanup Project was born:

Huge props to you, dude!!! Highlights

Tip of the Day

From Lake Erie guide Ross Robertson:

Meme of the Day

Still gonna have myself a day:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

TW fan Travis Coffey landed his new PB (personal best) ice walleye pre-fishing for the annual Mobridge Ice Tourney. Said he watched it on his Garmin LiveScope cruising about 8′ off bottom and figured it’d be a pike when it crushed his Rapala Jigging Rap:

Right species, just a couple days too early bud lol!

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