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Color changes with depth, 18 lb walleye, Don’t pause jigging spoons

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Today’s Top 4

How color changes at different depths.

The Northland Tackle crew shared a vid of how color changes the deeper you go. This is what it looks like to us — not fish — but here’s a screenshot from 28′ deep:

Makes more sense now why those pink-ish UV baits seem to work so well (#standouts). Would love to see ’em run the same test with a lineup of Glo-Shot Spoons, which have replaceable light sticks (red, green or chartreuse) that keep those puppies glowing for 8-ish hours:

BTW – they went all the way down to 155′ in that vid, but the only thing you’re gonna catch down there is a prehistoric bull ‘gill this size of a barn:

So THIS is what an 18-lb walleye looks like.

Caught a few years back by bassin’master Brandon “Aint Scared to Lip a Walleye” Palaniuk. Word ’round the bait shop is he caught it while vertical jigging blade baits for bass. Either way, crazy impressive:

Hey BP – let me know when you want to go chase a fish that’s hard to catch 😉

When fishing becomes a permanent problem.

How do you know when you’ve become so obsessed with feeshin’ that it’s become a problem for you? When it’s both engraved into your heart AND body like it is with James Reamer:

Now he has two StrikeMaster Lazer Mags — that’s dedication dude!! You’re not the only one with “the bug” man:

Hoss Ostrowski inked this leech-sniffin’ rock melon on a client:

TW fan Matt Roxberg isn’t losing this #13 Original Floating Rapala:

Not sure if AZ’s Trevor Beckman can jig ’em up, but he can sure draw ’em up:

Ever seen Al’s Jigging Rap neck tat? Tough to spot under those collared shirts:

Lol just kidding…but you know he does always have one with him.

“If you don’t understand ice, don’t go.”

That’s the Bro-man himself, Brian Brosdahl, speakin’ the truth on early-ice safety. Know we keep bringing this up, but it IS THAT important. He gives a pile o’ early-ice tips in this vid:

Can’t stress enough to check and re-check the ice for yourself — every step — this time of year. Just ‘cuz you see some other yahoo out on it, doesn’t’ mean it’s safe:


1. MT: Ice fishing donations needed…

….for veterans dealing with PTSD. New or used equipment, anything to help get these guys/gals back out enjoying the great outdoors. More info here.

2. ND: Best ‘gill fishing in 30 years!

Per the GFD:

> “In a walleye-mad state, where this is the fish of choice for 80+ percent of the anglers, maybe news of the best bluegill fishing in decades doesn’t raise many eyebrows.”

Would you rather catch a 30″ walleye or a 12″ bluegill? #BothPlease

3. New Glazba tungsten ice jig…

…from Custom Jigs & Spins. Has a crystal on the nose that’ll make your wife super jelly:
Last chance to maybe win ya some in our giveaway here!

4. SD: Roy Lake Resort for sale.

Guess you can buy a dream.

5. Check this rattlebait.Diggin’ the profile of this sinking rattlebait called the Lunkerhunt Fillet:

6. Lowrance releases new Hook2 series.

> The HOOK2 Series of fish finders and fish finder/chartplotter combos boasts features and functions normally found on high-end fish-finding gear but at prices that are easy to afford. DownScan, SideScan, GPS navigation and premium chartplotting are now available for the economically conscious angler.

For the “economically conscious angler” lol:

Headline of the Day

How modern sonar could find the loch ness monster.

Would probably use the Garmin Panoptix Ice Fishing Bundle — with the PS-22 transducer to look for her in real time — if we were into that kind of thing. Spendy unit, but incredible technology.

How’d you like to win one FO FREE next week? [*cough* subtle hint *cough*]

Tip of the Day

Jason Mitchell:

> “One of the most common mistakes anglers make is letting the lure settle too much between strokes. The longer the lure hangs, the more the lure turns.

> “On the next stroke, the lure comes off a different direction and this direction is unpredictable. One second the lure is 6” in front of the fish and then the lure shoots towards the fish disappearing…game over [sometimes].

> “Remember that walleyes don’t back up that well and they need room to turn around, this is why staying in front of the fish is so crucial.

> “Start your up stroke before the lure settles so that the lure dances and the cadence and direction of the dart or swing becomes locked into one direction and becomes predictable. The target becomes much easier for fish to hit.

> “The moves that pull fish into the cone angle from 20′ away often have to change as a fish gets close. This understanding of how to use tempo and cadence to find fish — while reading your electronics to trigger fish — will help you catch a lot more walleyes this winter.”

You can keep reading Jason’s walleye-infested article by clicking here.

Quote of the Day

Prior to leaving, the man neatly collected all of the beer cans and other trash, put it into a bag, and threw it into the weeds nearly hitting Officer White.

– Quote from an OH warden report. Some people man [face-palm emoji].

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Some wide-angled goodness from Tony Roach:

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