Win a Garmin LiveScope Plus bundle!

$3,620-ish Value

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Yup, this is real life…. We’re giving away another Garmin LiveScope Plus! 💯

This time we’re giving away a Garmin LiveScope Plus Ice Fishing Kit ($2,249.99), an ECHOMAP UHD 93sv ($999.99), and their GT54UHD-TM Ultra High-Definition Scanning Sonar All-in-one Transducer ($369.99) for the boat.

The term “game changer” gets thrown around a lot in the fishing industry, but LiveScope Plus is SERIOUSLY mind-blowing stuff!

Allows you to see fish swimming in real time 🔥 I have learned soooo much from watching the fish’s moods in how they’re reacting (or not reacting lol) to the presentation. Scan for fish/structure in ANY direction, see which way the fish are moving, and stay on ’em = 🎯 yes please!

And the new LiveScope Plus (LVS34 transducer) kicks things up another notch with…

> …35% more target separation over the existing system [which is already insane] with sharper resolution, reduced noise and Garmin’s clearest images.

> …capable of identifying and separating targets as small as 14” at distances 100′ from the boat [or ice hole] so anglers can see exactly what they need to with improved stitching, reduced noise and fewer on-screen artifacts….

Takes just 10 seconds to enter below and can share the link you get for bonus entries. 👊 Good luck!

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