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Mega 15-lber caught, Tourneys are mental, Zander eat anything

Have a great + safe Labor Day weekend! Catch some fish too!!

Today’s Top 4

MEGA Missouri River 15-lber caught!!! 

Fish-head Ron Boggs is back, and once again not sure what I enjoyed more: Seeing the pics of this massive 15.51-lb freakzilla or reading Ron’s snippets on how it went down…. We’ll start with a pic first in case the words “15-lber” somehow weren’t attention-grabby enough to slow your scroll:

> Ron: “Target Walleye aptly labels walleye as ‘gravel lizards’ — a term I like very much. This lug takes that moniker and bumps it up to ‘rock dragon’ status!”


SHEESH — no doubt!

> “As with most trophy fish, this 15.5-lb behemoth didn’t come easy — 4 nights and 26 hours of fishing on 2 different Missouri River reservoirs…more than 30 miles of dredged shoreline and then a nice jolt to wake me up.

> “My buddy, Tim Cole, was in the boat with me — we’ve been a Columbia River night-fishing duo for more than 30 years and Tim came out from his home in Tri-Cities WA to join me for a week of Missouri reservoir fun. He nearly died of boredom with the average MT eaters we’d been catching. He’s accustomed to what he calls ‘5-lb schoolie males’ out on the Columbia. But any time he’d try to completely relax, one of our 4-lb MT rainbow trout would about rip the rod out of his hands and boost his adrenaline level up to a healthy level. And in the end, Tim got to see that we may not have ‘5-lb schoolie males’ in our reservoirs, but we’ve got a few legitimate teens….

> “The night of the full moon the wind was howling, which limited our range fishing from a little Pro Tiller walleye boat. After a couple hours buffeted, bashed and splashed by the winds we tucked in behind a peninsula to enjoy the calm water on the lee shore. It’s a stretch I’d driven past a hundred times but seldom fished…nearly vertical break off the shore complicates presentation…have to be careful not to crunch your rod tip hitting the shoreline. …one ill-timed gust of wind and you’re either on shore or blown into 40’….

> “My go-to stickbait for shallow fishing, the Bomber Long A (15A), produces a rhythmic cadence with the tiny light-sticks on the tips of our rods — tick, tick, tick, tick then a streak of green as the light-stick rips to the stern and holds with the rod handle creaking. We could tell the fish was oversized before we ever saw it and I dropped a waypoint while still fighting the fish.

> “At first glimpse deep under the clear water I didn’t see the eyes but it was so long I cursed, ‘dammit it’s a northern!’ and then the eyes lit up in our artificial beams. Not sure I’m capable of describing the feeling when a walleye that tremendous comes over the gunnel in the net.

> “Couple quick pics and back in the lake. No resting it in the livewell 1st or anything. Just wham-bam thank you, and she threw water in my face when she took off.”

Another angle of her — peep the full moon:


> Ron: “What a fish and the earliest I’ve ever pulled a teen in the fall — from the Columbia or the Missouri. Now I can concentrate on the trophy bull elk permit I drew so I can get back to the big rock dragons! Next month I join Tim on the Columbia River for the full moon since I didn’t waste any of my vacation time for my elk hunt. Walleye fishing is and always has been my priority!”

Love it, man! Couple interesting details:

> “This was the 2nd night of a major cold front — snow fell at one of the MT ski resorts — so we were in fogged-breath cold in coveralls getting buffeted by 15-20 mph winds (on Sept 1 for criminy sakes).

> “The transition out of summer and into fall is 1 of the few times that a cold front is a good thing for walleye fishing. This cold front was accompanied by a rising barometer which other walleye chasers might want to watch for in their home waters…first cold front after the summer with a rising barometer = TAKE VACATION DAYS….”

And in case you were feeling bad for his buddy, Tim…don’t…. Dude caught a measly 12.2-lber too:


Have a feeling we’ll be hearing from these fellas again after the next full moon….

Bruisers of the week!

All sent in from Target Walleye fans (thx much!):

1)  Reese M. stuck himself a Lake Sakakawea dirty-30 from the bank [!] throwing a 1/4-oz VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig paired with a Strike King Rage Swimmer:


2)  Brad Ginther’s 10-yr-old Rylen caught this 29-incher on a “parrot”-colored (Canadian for color lol) Rapala Rippin’ Rap in 26′. Fish had a tullibee coming out of its throat = hungry feller!


3)  Heath Brown’s 6-yr-old grandson Boone wrassled in this 31.75″ fish of a lifetime solo! They were running Reef Runner Ripsticks — behind planer boards — over 8-10′ rocks on WA’s Snake River. Said the fish had all 3 trebles buried in its mouth…”took some doing but got them all out…1 quick picture and let it go.” Nicely done, fellas!


4)  Tom Johnson’s boys had themselves a day on Lake of the Woods [!!] hauling in 28.5″ and 29.5″ bruisers — pulling Berkley Flicker Shads and Bass Pro Shops Tourney Special Minnows:


5)  Jeremy Mau’s MX-bassin’ trip got cancelled thx to Covid, so he stuck close to home (near Rock Island, IL) with the fam and trolled his way into something you don’t see every day:

> “We were trolling downstream and I got snagged…kicked the boat in neutral, and it felt like a log bobbing off the bottom, which is not uncommon. As I reeled down on it…felt a head shake. The next 20 min were spent giving and taking line, and a growing group of fathers/sons watching from other boats….”

Nope, not a walleye…but no doubt Jeremy will remember this 47-lb flathead for the rest of his life!


Didn’t realize flatheads would eat a crankbait, but legit looks like this thing wanted that #7 Berkley Flicker Shad?!

How folks grocery shop in Manitoba. 

Josh McFaddin’s got a solid mask-free way to stock up on protein:


But can still run into some of those same grocery-store problems:

Will zander eat ANYTHING???

1)  Pretty sure @leo.silencio stuck this one on a dang Christmas tree ornament:


2)  Apparently you can run your snap weights right on the front of your bait and still catch ’em (lol). Shot from @deep.fury:


3)  Can’t tell what this one was caught on, but can only assume that belly-dragger is stuffed full of 3 or 4 squirrels — @westinfishing shot:


1. Ron Lindner just turned 86 years young!

Dude’s still got it = no surprise considering he can even catch good ones from the bank…during a BLIZZARD…on a spinnerbait…. Pics from @LindnersAnglingEdge on the Insta:


Cheers to many more years AND catches, Ron!

2. CT: Apparently walleye eat lampreys…

…in the upper Connecticut River. Fisheries biologists have found ‘eyes with bellies full of lamprey larvae and “transformers” aka juvenile (4-5 yr old) lampreys.

3. NWT Lake Sakakawea preview (Wildside Podcast).

Chip Leer picks the brains of current AOY leader Tommy Kemos, local ND hammer Jacob Ell, and the statmaster John Balla:

4. NY: Black Lake has a different kind of fall harvest.Called an “aquatic weed harvester.”


> …a powered cutter that catches clippings on a conveyor belt and deposits them into the vessel’s flatbed. Once full, the harvester pulls into a 2nd conveyor belt on shore, attached to a truck and empty trailer. The weeds are then transferred into the trailer and have been taken to Andrew Bertrand’s dairy farm…to be used as fertilizer….”

5. ON: Some locals opposing Huron cormorant cull.

> The group has already managed to get some concessions from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, which dropped the limit from 50 birds per day down to 15.

6. Shimano 9th-richest company in Japan?

Btw the write-up said Nintendo is #1, which reeeeally makes me want to play some old-school Super Mario Bros!

7. Some info on KY’s sauger population.

8. Heads up, ice-heads!

Those tasty Okuma Ceymar C-10s always seem to be sold-out by the time ice comes around, so might wanna scoop up 1 (or 4 lol) while FishUSA still has ’em in stock:


9. ME wants your lead baits.

Get a $10 voucher for turning in 1+ ozs of lead fishing tackle:

> “To protect loons and other wildlife, ME state law bans the use and sale of lead sinkers and bare (unpainted) lead-headed jigs that weigh one ounce or less, or that measure 2.5″ or less.”

That voucher should buy you about 1 tungsten weight lol — stuff is like gold.

10. SALE: 40% off Bagley Balsa Deep Diving Sticks.

Deep-diving crank made outta super-light balsa wood — magical stuff they’ve been using for 60+ years of making lures — to dive quicker and run truer. Has a special kinda dancing action that’s near-impossible to duplicate with plastic.

Few colors (from top to bottom) that caught my eye: spotted lava, sneeze and sea sick:


11. WI: Hook-and-line sturgeon szn opens Sept 5.

12. Buck Knives has a big Labor Day sale.

Have OVER 60 of their blades marked down here until Sept 10.

Did you know Buck has a forever warranty?

> “We guarantee our knives forever because we believe in the integrity of our products.”

Need more of that in this world.

13. ND: Devils Lake walleye fishing report (video).

Trolling with bottom-bouncer and spinners is putting a ton of fish topside, but Tanner says leadcore SZN is ripe and ready for the pickin’.

14. PSA: Case you think Yammy’s don’t need maintenance too:


Note that Sea Foam Marine PRO is apparently even better for outboards than regular Sea Foam Motor Treatment tho both work…. Highlights

Tip of the Day

5 tourney tips with Dylan Nussbaum.

Sorta interesting how so much of what D-Bomb’s talking about is mental — no doubt keeping your head in the game before AND during plays a big part in having a solid finish…something I really need to work on when things aren’t going as originally planned on the water:

Quote of the Day

“When you throw everything you have at ’em and it’s still not enough.”

– That’s pro shooter Matt Calistro talking how muskies are the fish of 10,000 casts baits:


Relatable feeling for walleye folks most days too….

BUT sometimes the stars align and ye whacketh a new PB:


Congrats on grinding it out, dude! Now get her back in the water before James decides to Jimmy-Houston that thing’s lips lol.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Know you caught the wally of a lifetime when it has “eyes the size of ping pong balls!” Jake Billings shot:


Another awesome angle of Jake Billings’ new PB he cracked on a Ned-rigged tube while kayak bass fishing after work. Just never know!


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